Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workshop Results!

Hi Lorrie,

I started working on my pony...only a few pain points...I guess that's good....I will check the others probably today.
After my emotional release.... I slept for about 14 hours.... I feel little different...I intend on getting the book and reading more about this.

The class was great! I know that you needed to have more people attend...but it was really great having the smaller class size and having the one on one with you! The other topics that we talked about, muscle testing, emotional release, power march , went hand in hand with the pain points on the horse. If you should do another course with Gwen, I would like to attend!

Truely a great time!

PS Thanks for performing the emotional release!


Holistic Equine-Natural Health for Your Horse: Your Body as a Digital Library

Holistic Equine-Natural Health for Your Horse: Your Body as a Digital Library

Your Body as a Digital Library

Your Body as a Digital Library
Each cell of our body has 6 gigabytes of memory and we have an estimated 100 trillion cells. This provides each and every one of us an almost unlimited capability to store memories of forgotten traumas in our cells. When we face a situation we can't handle, we don't get to avoid it. We can postpone it, but we can't avoid it. Stressful situations are opportunities to learn spiritual lessons we need to learn. So if we don't handle the situation and resolve the feelings now, in present time, our minds do not forget and erase. They just postpone us having to deal with the crisis until we are more ready at some future time.

At the instant of the unbearable experience, your emotional (limbic) brain acts as a librarian with your body as the library. Your mind will choose a place to store that memory for future reference. If, say, the chosen place in your bodily library is your pancreas, then that traumatic memory will lodge there and you won't even know such a memory is there, perhaps, for years. Eventually you develop hypoglycemia or a pain in your left side, which is your Pancreas' way of tapping you on the shoulder to say, "There is an issue here you need to deal with." If we don't understand that the pancreas is attempting to communicate a message to us and we keep misunderstanding and postponing the taking of appropriate action, the hypoglycemia develops into diabetes or the pain just gets more severe. If we still don't understand the message and respond, the condition can get worse and worse until we die.

Diseases as Coded Messages
Most bodily diseases are coded messages from our subconscious minds to remind us that unresolved issues, stored in our tissues, are seeking to be resolved. They are saying, "Now is the time. Fix it now." You don't need to wonder if you are ready and able to deal with the buried issues at this time or not. Your body's wisdom knows when you are ready and chooses the right time for you. So any time you suffer from any physical condition, chronic or acute, ask yourself what happened in the past, perhaps even the distant past, that is the root cause this condition and then attempt to decode the message and take action to resolve it.

It takes a lot of honest introspection, prayer, and inner spiritual effort to succeed, but it is what we have to do. An emotional issue resolved is a spiritual lesson learned. When the emotional root of a physical condition has been resolved, the physical condition will disappear because it was only a message, a message no longer needed. It may not disappear overnight, it may take time, but it will disappear and, sometimes, literally overnight.

The rewards for engaging in daily efforts to clear our emotional baggage are many. Our physical disabilities can disappear. Our happiness level increases and a sense of peace comes over us. We feel closer to God and a greater sense of security. We become more stable, more focused, and a more pleasant person to be around. Working on ourselves to throw out our emotional hitchhikers is one of the most rewarding things we can do for ourselves and for everyone around us.

I am very good at using the Emotion Release on horses and people. I have opend my office now to work on people and horses/pets to release the blockages of the trapped emotion.
Email to schedule a appointment with Lorrie low fee.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Acupressure Workshop

One Day Seminar .April 24th 2010 9:00am – 2:00pm Barboursville, VA 22923 Contact: Gwen Baker 434-996-8798 Cost of Clinic: $75.00 plus $5.00 for lunch.

Clinic includes: DVD and workbook

If you would like Lorrie to work on your horse the cost is: $50.00
Introduction to Applied Kinesiology:

Acupressure pain points using acupressure reflexology
Locating pain points on horses
Clearing pain points using acupressure
Hands-on session in pain point release with horse
Hands-on group work with horses
Learn acupressure nutrition points
Hands-on session in nutrition reflexology with horse
Question and answer session (locating pain points, and what to do about them)
How to: Reduce injuries - Increase overall performance - Spotting lameness
Celebration of attendance

Also included: - Workbook & DVD


Please make checks payable to:
Lorrie Bracaloni

Please bring: $5 for lunch and a folding chair

This Seminar will be limited to 15 people

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HAY Information !

Lorrie, here is a note from Bob Buckley, my contact with Standlee. There is some good info. in this email that would pertain to the hay and/or the hay pellets - it's all basically the same - sun-cured Idaho hay, with nothing else added. Anyone can call Standlee direct and ask specific questions, if they'd like, or I would be happy to get answers to questions. Here is some info. not listed on their bags: NSC (Non Structure Carbs) 8% to 10% (never goes over 10%) Starch 2.3% to 2.5%, Simple Sugar - 5.9% to 6.4%, and Crude Fat - 2.3% to 2.5%.

Good to hear from you and glad to see that you tried some of our half cut compressed bales of hay.

Important things to know about timothy hay, western style.

1. Western Hay is not like Eastern hay, regardless of the type or forage variety. Due to the moisture out east, all eastern hay have a tremendous amount of mould spores in it. Western hay is totally sun cured and has very little if any, mould spores.

2. Western Timothy grass hay is highly sought after, for many reasons. The analysis of this hay does not change much from any cutting, regardless if it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There is a preserved control factor here.

3. Half cut compressed bales are not for everybody. Because of the nature of these bales being cut from large bales into small bales, the unique size is ideal for transporting, storage and for ease of handling due to the weight factor of 50 lbs. A pallet of this hay weighs nearly a ton, where can you store a ton of hay on a 4’ x 4’ x 6’4” high pallet like this? Usually, all hay gets consumed, meaning the animals slick it up because of the stabilized quality factor. You know the quality from our pellets, batch after batch, load after load. Your horses never waste any of the timothy pellets either.

4. The true training of your customers come into play. These bales are easy to overfeed and your customers need to feed by weight and not be volume. Train your customers to break the bands on the hay they are going to feed ahead of time, allowing the hay to expand. This will help your customers not to give too large of flake and over feed.

5. My personal preference on timothy is 2nd cutting. The stems are smaller, the hay is softer, and the protein level is just a little bit higher. (1% to 2%) Some people like to feed 1st cutting because of the coarser stems, perhaps thinking more fiber content. I have not seen that to be true on any analysis test.

6. Again, my opinion, I would recommend baled hay and pellets. Horses are grazing animals and the long stem hay is needed in their digestive system.

7. This bale of hay can be used for small animals as well. Rabbits, hamsters etc.

Thanks again Vicki for contacting me. I look forward to your response.

Bob Buckley

Sales Manager