Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beet Pulp srikes again

Dear Lorrie,
My sister was researching beet pulp after my two horses just recently became very ill (103.5 temp with one horse and severe swelling of the front legs from the knees down).  The only common denominator between my two horses and the other horses is that this past Thursday I opened a new bag of beet pulp.  Because I had been boarding my horses at another facility and they fed them beet pulp, I just kept the same feed when I moved my horses to my sisters.  The other horses at her place are fed straight oats.
My sister showed me your pictures and I was shocked that alot of the symptoms you described (week back end, stifle issues, needing a chiropractor, etc) have all been issues with my youngest horse and I know he has been fed strictly beet pulp since he was a weanling (originally owned by the owners of the boarding facility).  I have stopped feeding the beet pulp and both horses are showing much improvement.  I would be so interested in learning more about starting my horses on a healthier diet (right now I'm just giving them a small amount of oats and good quality grass hay).  I've stopped all supplements currently in addition to stopping the beet pulp.
I look forward to hearing from you and plan to visit your web site.   Thank you for your time.
Lorie Pregler
(New Ulm Minnesota)

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