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New Review on my New DVD ! Equine Pain Points

Parelli & the Water Hole Rituals

The difference between Parelli and the Water Hole Rituals of Carol Resnick

 I have been a advocate of natural horse training  methods for over 20 yrs

When Parelli came into my life I was sold, I bought all the programs and went to see him in my area when ever I could.

Pat Parelli has also grown his students even more in my opinion.
Yes Parelli is a great teacher and has saved many horses from going to slaughter.

I felt there was something missing in his program, and as my very pushy dominant Tb became more advanced than I in natural horsemanship, I felt at a loss, with having to constantly go back to level one in Parelli to fix the problem.

Then I discovered Carol Resnicks Water Hole rituals, I agree with her method, read all her books, the WTR should be the first method of communicating with your horse before you do any natural methods of communication or discipline training .

Now my Tb Boogie comes to me softly and with great love. I can do the games of Parelli much easier, I am hooked and tell everyone about the WHR>
Reflex ting back I want to share with your readers on one incident that happened in Pat‘s earlier days and what worked that change the wild horse he was working on.

Parelli had a weekly session 7yrs ago in my area; all my friends went and spent the night to see both days.
 Well the program did not go the way Parelli wanted it to go because he had a very dominate horse as a demo in fact quite dangerous, he was a magnificent animal beautiful and did not trust or give to any human, I believe if Parelli just did the 1st two rituals he would have not been dragged across the big arena 20+ plus times by this amazing horse.
Parelli did get results but under extreme protest from this animal, as Parelli was walking out of the ring Parelli in front of this dominate horse
(Wrong move, horse leading him in his mind) the horse attacked Parelli with his teeth. Pat was able to get away, now in that case parelli should have either walked beside him or behind him when leaving the arena.

Next day still Parelli was dragged across the ring, I was amazed this great man a true horseman and this horse was getting the best of him. Now looking back the WHR would have helped and they did in a way, the horse changed his attitude when Pat went and got Magic his demonstration mare. (Mainly Pat was tired from being dragged around)

Once mounted He than began leading from behind with this real aggressive horse, in less than 5 minutes the horse was putty in his hands.
 I now can see the difference of listening to your horse and going from there, taking leadership in a nice way, as  Magic just asked nicely pinned her ears a couple of times, the horse looked at her and said oh is that what you want? Ok I will follow you- the difference is Magic had the connection and once Pat was off the behavior returned- gee wonder why no connection, again Pat had to get back on Magic. I am not criticizing Parelli ,just noticing that the difference when you have the connection in place, miracles happens.  I believe Pat has grown in this area thanks to you.
I am deeply grateful to have found your method. Thank you for all you do.

Lorrie Bracaloni C.H.P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flu Report Lastest News

Now ... I find out that in April of this year:
Baxter pharmaceutical a U.S. based company has been chosen to head up efforts to produce a swine flu vaccine. Vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed by Baxter to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter. Over 72 kilos [150 pounds] of a pathogen classified as a biological weapon were allowed to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent out for distribution from Baxter’s facilities. If this release of a mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses were not detected by a lab in the Czech Republic, a global pandemic possibly killing millions could have happened. While the H5N1 doesn’t easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If humans were exposed to the mixture Baxter sent out around the world, a hybrid virus that is easily transmittable could have been the result. In February, a lab in the Czech Republic working for Avir alerted Baxter that, unexpectedly, ferrets inoculated with the sample had died.

So ... the intranasal, attenuated live vaccine is capable of infecting people, both those vaccinated as well as those coming in contact with them, and one company making swine flu vaccines just recently sent out,  to 18 countries, vaccines containing more than 150 pounds of a biological weapons strain of avian flu.

And, in their defense, Baxter pharmaceutical company reveals that " ... vaccines for animal use are NOT routinely tested for contaminants."

So you can used nosodes they work.

Oregano oil for first sign of the flu will be knocked out, just put on your lymph nodes

Keep your immune system up with

echinacea tea


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swine Flu Remedy

Taking Oregano Oil is extremely effective against the Swine Flu according to Dr. Cass Ingram. You can Google him, I heard him on the radio a couple of times within the last 2 weeks.
He recommends taking Oregano Oil under the tongue. I warn you as this is a very hot oil and it will burn.....A LOT!
I tried it and its difficult and very effective. He also said that for one who has already contracted the H1N1, that one drop under the tongue every hour for the first day is a sure thing to kill the Swine Flu. I'm not sure how long, but I imagine until symptoms subside. I would begin to take one of the antibiotic formulas that Gary recommended.

Dr. Young gave us this recipe as the most powerful natural antibiotic.
10 drops Lemon,
8 drops Mountain Savory (substitutes for Mountain Savory are ImmuPower, Legacy and Surrender), and
3 drops Oregano.

Put in a capsule and take 1 to 3 times a day.

Great for horses with Lymes disease and West Nile symptoms, horse that I have worked on actually open their mouths for the oregano oil.

You may contact to order your oils today

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The Mad Hatter Mystery Solved

Mercury now found in corn syrup was once used to treat felt , so a number of milliners, who worked for years on end with the poisonous substance ended up in mental institutions with
neurological damage , Lewis Carrol used this as a inspiration for the character The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland

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Holistic Equine: Trot Newsletter Nov

Holistic Equine: Trot Newsletter Nov: ""

Trot Newsletter Nov here is the newsletter for November.

Get article and testimonial on my demo I gave with lymes, and epm horses check it out!

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Common Feeding Mistakes for Horse Owners

Common Feeding Mistakes
1) Corn Oil or other Oil Supplements
Corn oil was marketed to the equine industry for shiny coats. Horses don't have a gall bladder so excess oils are excreted through the skin, making the coat glisten. Other oils are marketed for horses for Omega 3's. Be careful with any oil supplementation. We know of only one fish-eating horse - the Icelandic. Rancidity is a common problem in oils that are on the market. The best way we know of providing Omega 3's is The source of Omega3's in is chia seeds.
2) High Ratio of Alfalfa in the Diet
Protein levels are too high in alfalfa for its use as a primary forage. It is found in small amounts in supplements due to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Kidney scratches may result from feeding too much alfalfa. There is a high ratio of calcium in alfalfa which can cause "tying up". Too much calcium will also block absorption of other minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper. Grass hay is high in silica which is necessary for bone and connective tissue. Alfalfa is low in fiber that is necessary for equine digestion.
3) Beet Pulp
Mountains of unusable waste from the beet industry were marketed to the equine feed industry for weight gain. The gains in weight appear to be mostly water weight, it is lost quickly when the horse discontinues it. Water is retained when the body attempts to dilute a toxic substance. Toxicity in beet pulp derives from the pre and post emergent herbicides used during growing, the defoliants used prior to harvest and the solvents used to "wash" the beets at the processing plant. Most toxins in vegetables are stored in the pulp instead of the juice. As in humans our bodies put the toxins away somewhere like fatty tissue to keep them out of the circulation.
For those familiar with muscle testing, test anything that you wish to feed to your horse
4) Preservatives
Many feeds including Equine Senior feeds are preserved with Ethoxyquin, a rubber preservative or BHA, BHT or formaldehyde. Preservatives may create undue stress on the liver. The Dynamite Feed mill uses only natural preservatives vitamin E and C.
5) Rice Bran
Another agricultural waste product from one of the most heavily pesticided crops foisted off on the horse feed industry.
6) Unbalanced Mineral Supplementation
Feed companies learned to add copper in their feeds to boost color in the horses coat. A little copper in cases of deficiency is great and will improve coat quality. However, boosting one mineral alone will suppress other minerals essential for other aspects of equine physiology.
7) Minerals In Non Available forms
Minerals in ionic form are not easily assimilated by horses. Salt blocks are hard on a horse's tongue (look at the difference between a cow and a horse tongue) and contain urea which a horse cannot process. Look for minerals that are more bio-available such as amino-acid chelated. Some ionic minerals are useful along with the bio-available version, but here again, balance is important between the various minerals. Of the inorganic minerals, oxides are least available, sulfates better and carbonates are most available.
8) Sweet Feed
Adding a little organic blackstrap molasses to encourage a horse with a poor appetite may be OK. The addition of a processed molasses product to a bagged feed increases the requirements for preservatives. Just as with kids, too much sugar can create behavior problems in horses.
9) Feeding Grain "Products"
Wouldn't you rather see whole corn, oats, or barley on the feed label instead of "grain products", grain by-products, or roughage products?
10) High Protein Diets
Horses should not be fed over 12% protein at any time in their lives. Excess protein can cause lots of problems and can result in systemic acidosis. Thyroid problems, colic, arthritis and joint problems in young horses can be a result of diets too high in protein.
Other Horse Care Issues
1) Excessive Worming
We use Herbal Tonic® as our primary wormer twice per year in Spring and Fall unless otherwise indicated by fecal count or muscle testing. If necessary to use a commercial wormer we start with the least toxic, Panacur. Under almost any circumstances we avoid Quest and Ivermectin. Daily wormers equals daily poison, think about it. That's a heavy load for the liver with no break.
2) Multi-Valent Vaccinations
If you do want to give vaccinations, one at a time is best. We don't give them at all when a horse is under immune stress already. Be aware of side effects and weigh the cost/benefit equation. Herpes has been associated with the Rhino shot. West Nile disease has been associated with the West Nile vaccination. Holistic veterinarians offering nosodes as an alternative to vaccination may be found in your area if you look for them.
3) Things Only a Vet Should Do
There are obviously more, but these you might be tempted to do: Palpating a mare, arterial drug injections and tubing a colic horse.
Holistic Horse Therapy and Rehabilitation Center offers a wide variety of natural remedies, depending on the situation, including:
• B.E.S.T. (Bio-energy Synchronization Techniques)
Is your horse excessive or deficient in certain vitamins and minerals? How is his temperament and his digestion? Nutritional corrections will often give you back the horse you always knew you had ---- the one with optimum attitude and potential.
(Muscle Testing)
Nutritional and Herbal Consultation available
Veterinary Homeopathic Consultation available
We have had tremendous success treating horses with impaction problems, anhydrosis, sore backs, girthiness, indiscriminate lameness.
Phone 301-730-0261
Recommened feeding program:
For Easy Keepers:
Basic hay pellets from (click to find a distributor near you) 2 to 4 coffee cans per day- For Pete’s Sake in Middletown Md= 301-371-7729

For Horses in Work:
Mixed with the following:
Whole oats, clean-1 cup
Steamed flaked barely or crimped-1 cup- blue seal
Cracked corn, medium-1 cup

If you do not want corn, replace with ½ cup black oil sunflower seeds, or extruded whole soybean.
Horses need the basic minerals.

Highland's Big Sky – Ohio call 330-893-2016 the best minerals you will ever find plus parasite control naturally- all in one 2 oz per day or free choice- Amazing results!

Natural minerals from the beds of the wild horses complete and easy to assimilate.

Izmine to order: Ohio call 330-893-2016 for bone strength and lost minerals restored – 2 oz per day for only one month.

Free choice Redmond salt –email me
Dyna pro/ pro biotic helps with colic and must to have for emergencies and trailer traveling, balances the gut flora. Ohio call 330-893-2016

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Eight Bells demise

This is a interesting article where in the body of the article never addresses nutrition for building bone.

Remember when the body becomes acidic it will throw off calcium absorption, therefor weaking bones, studies have also shown where horse being stalled for long periods of times loss bone mass.
To make sure you receive the right absorption into your horse go to and read about natural feeding program.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Horse'in around audio on hay.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Horserider magizine

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My handsome Boy Casey!

This handsome boy had problems with celluitis re occurring bouts of it, He is on the Big Sky and has had the Animal BEST protocol.

He still has occasional bouts of celluitis but has been improving. He know moves like a dream!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What B.E.S.T will do for You and your Horses

The idea is this. When we face a stressful emotional issue that we are unable to handle, our mind saves the memory for us to access at a later time when we will be more mature and better able to deal with it. Experiences that result in buried feelings tend to happen more often in our childhoods when we are less able to cope. They may be forgotten, consciously, but they are not lost. Instead they lodge as cellular memories, lurking in our bodies, only to come back to us as teenagers or adults resurrected, but disguised, as physical maladies. How does this happen?

Your Body as a Digital Library

Each cell of our body has 6 gigabytes of memory and we have an estimated 100 trillion cells. This provides each and every one of us an almost unlimited capability to store memories of forgotten traumas in our cells. When we face a situation we can't handle, we don't get to avoid it. We can postpone it, but we can't avoid it. Stressful situations are opportunities to learn spiritual lessons we need to learn. So if we don't handle the situation and resolve the feelings now, in present time, our minds do not forget and erase. They just postpone us having to deal with the crisis until we are more ready at some future time.

At the instant of the unbearable experience, your emotional (limbic) brain acts as a librarian with your body as the library. Your mind will choose a place to store that memory for future reference. If, say, the chosen place in your bodily library is your pancreas, then that tramatic memory will lodge there and you won't even know such a memory is there, perhaps, for years. Eventually you develop hypoglycemia or a pain in your left side, which is your Pancreas' way of tapping you on the shoulder to say, "There is an issue here you need to deal with." If we don't understand that the pancreas is attempting to communicate a message to us and we keep misunderstanding and postponing the taking of appropriate action, the hypoglycemia develops into diabetes or the pain just gets more severe. If we still don't understand the message and respond, the condition can get worse and worse until we die.

Diseases as Coded Messages

Most bodily diseases are coded messages from our subconscious minds to remind us that unresolved issues, stored in our tissues, are seeking to be resolved. They are saying, "Now is the time. Fix it now." You don't need to wonder if you are ready and able to deal with the buried issues at this time or not. Your body's wisdom knows when you are ready and chooses the right time for you. So any time you suffer from any physical condition, chronic or acute, ask yourself what happened in the past, perhaps even the distant past, that is the root cause this condition and then attempt to decode the message and take action to resolve it.

It takes a lot of honest introspection, prayer, and inner spiritual effort to succeed, but it is what we have to do. An emotional issue resolved is a spiritual lesson learned. When the emotional root of a physical condition has been resolved, the physical condition will disappear because it was only a message, a message no longer needed. It may not disappear overnight, it may take time, but it will disappear and, sometimes, literally overnight.

The rewards for engaging in daily efforts to clear our emotional baggage are many. Our physical disabilities can disappear. Our happiness level increases and a sense of peace comes over us. We feel closer to God and a greater sense of security. We become more stable, more focused, and a more pleasant person to be around. Working on ourselves to throw out our emotional hitchhikders is one of the most rewarding things we can do for ourselves and for everyone around us.

~ Coral Waters, Coolum, Queensland, Australia
By having a BEST session , you now can remove the emotional Blocks that interfere with your life.

To Learn morse contact Lorrie at

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New Dvd

Brand New Dvd that will show you as a loving horse owner how to Idenify and release your Horses pain points. See you tube introduction here:

Click here to view to get your copy today go here

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Interference In Your Internal Communication System

Interference In Your Internal Communication System
We all know what interference is. It’s something that gets in the way, breaks up the flow or keeps messages from getting through. When you are going toward your goal of health, happiness and success, internal interference can certainly be a pain – literally!
In your body, interference keeps two or more systems from communicating clearly. The interference can be in internal communication between your "central intelligence" and your multiple systems, or the interference can be in communication between your energy field and the rest of your body. No matter whether the interference is in field or body, the problem lies in the energy flow.
In your body, interference in communication is like static from a radio that isn’t tuned in to a station. When the many fields of the body resonate in harmony with Universal Intelligence, signals pass freely and clearly between internal systems and between body and field. When the body’s resonance is "out of tune," internal messages and messages to and from the field are "garbled." If the resonance of the body and field are not in tune, "operating instructions" in the form of signals from the field to the body are interfered with. Prolonged interference means continuous garbled messages. But the body is going to respond to signals, garbled or not, for survival. The signals are inappropriate; the responses are not. If inappropriate or garbled signals continue, the same organs and systems must continue to respond. Eventually, the affected organs and systems will get tired. Enter pain, symptoms, and disease. so what is a person to do, find a B.E.S.T. Practitioner in your area, learn how to do the power march from B.E.S.T.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Richard Shrake Learning the Power March

I just did a demonstration at a Richard Shrake clinic on Learning your Horses Pain Points, new Dvd coming out soon.

We had loads of fun and the horses I worked on that day had amazing results read on.

Hi Lorrie,
First, I want to thank you again for helping Joseph (Buckskin paint foxtrotter) while we were at Groffs Content Farm (Julie Bolton owner). The difference in him post interaction with you was not only remarkable but also astounding. Thank you again. Terri

If you want to learn more contact Lorrie at

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bruno the Great.

This is Bruno a Great Dane rescued from a foster home , via neglected family he was at the time I met him ( but Not in person) 8 to 10 months old- His owner Name withheld found me at a Holistic seminar with guest speaker Homeopathic Vet , the room was full of over 100 people very large crowd , the crowd was asked to stand up if you were a holistic practioner- Which I am certified, Bruno’s mom came to me after the session on homeopathic him to ask me if I could help her, I do raindrop therapy with essential oils which helps relive back pain – Her dog Bruno she thought was beaten by his previous owner he shook all the time under weight , he wasn’t a nervous dog but to her seemed in pain- He had been to 3 Veterinarians and spent over $600+ in vet bill’s to help him to no avail- I told her maybe we could try the raindrop but my gut said to Dowse Bruno ( a form of questioning the energy of the pet) so she sent me a picture of Mr. Bruno I dowsed him late at night asking him about his back to my surprise his back was fine it was his stomach, he hated his dog food I asked which brand he wanted- had a list of natural food , called my friend Vikki from Pete’s sake holistic foods to see if she had a enzyme for him and she did- To my surprise Bruno’s mom took him off his regular diet and went to For Pete’s sake to get Bruno’s new food- and a digestive enzyme she emailed me- 1 and ½ week later to tell me his shaking had subsided ¾’s almost gone, he was gaining weight and was much happier, Later 6 months down the road he has stopped shaking all together and is a Happy dog

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Infant vaccines- = Allergies

Infant vaccines can deplete vitamin C by raising
blood histamine levels and then the endothelial cells lining the
inside of the blood vessels become separated from one another.
Infection or the stress of a cold can also halve the blood
levels of vitamin C in just a matter of 24 hours. Dr. Clemetson
"It has been shown that the toxins or toxoids of the usual
inoculants (vaccines) cause increased blood histamine
levels in animals. . . It will be possible to study the protective
effects of vitamin C in reducing histaminemia.
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) aids the conversion of histamine
to hydanton-5-acetic acid for elimination and has
been shown to protect against the toxicity of inoculations,
both in animals and humans. Even some soldiers
going to the Gulf War suffered severe reactions to some
of their inoculations, so this matter is of concern to the
armed forces as well as the rest of us. . . we are defective
mammals, lacking fur and lacking the ability to
make our own vitamin C. We take great care to provide
ourselves with clothes and housing to make up for our
lack of fur, but we do not always take enough care to
make up for our inborn error of metabolism. It is odd
that medical schools, which teach so much about DNA
and the genetic code, do not pay more attention to
teaching nutrition and about a major human genetic defect
shared by us all."
Mercury, copper and other heavy metals in the vaccines
are also shown to raise blood histamine levels. Subperiosteal
hemorrhages (the capillary fragility in the covering
of the bone) can lift the periosteum right off the growing bone
and be the cause of spontaneous fractures (think race horses).
Dr. Clemetson goes on to point out that C deficiency also impairs
the ability of the amino acids lysine and proline to form
collagen and the foundation for fibrous tissue, bone, cartilage
and tooth dentin. In a case where the parents were accused of
murder of their young infant, based on the bruising, fractures,
etc. revealed in autopsy, it was found that the baby had been
premature. The mother said she was too sick to take her vitamins,
and actually lost weight during the pregnancy. This premature,
malnourished baby was then vaccinated at 8 weeks
with oral polio, DPT, influenza B, and hepatitis B. The baby
developed a high pitched cry and a fever of 105, and after respiratory
arrest at home 2 days later, died at the hospital at age
10 weeks.
But what to do when confronted by an event or barn
or school that requires vaccinations we choose not to give?
For schools, simply turn over the registration form; most have
an area in very small print, where you can state either religious
or philosophical differences. For events/barns/counties,
education is the key here; remember, vaccines are
“Colorable” laws and therefore changeable.
In either instance, you also, of course, have the
choice of not attending. Home schooling has become very
popular in recent years and has also been shown to be even
more effective than crowded public schools where teachers
have little control over students. And in our opinion, no
boarding facility or event is worth taking a chance on our animals’
long-term health.
The insistence of these groups on vaccination has
never ceased to amaze me. One would think that they are
afraid their vaccinated members might “catch” something
from the “unprotected” member. Of course, following this
line of thought out logically, that would indicate they are concerned
that the vaccines don’t work. Perhaps they are correct.
We heard of one distributor, a national campaigner, who sold
a mare across country. The mare arrived whole and hearty, but
the new owners became enraged when they discovered no
vaccine history. Before they could get a vet out to “shoot” her
up, the whole barn came down with strangles for which they
had all been vaccinated. Guess who the sole healthy horse
was? Yep, the unvaccinated mare! And stories like this
abound within the unvaccinated community.

We must each learn to question rather than tojust blindly accept “popular” or “common” advise

After all,
doctors are human like the rest of us and many simply do not
have the time to read even their own Journals let alone do research
into areas which may seem bizarre in light of their education.
Rather than heaping the responsibility for our own
and our animals’ health on someone else, let us each take
more personal responsibility, do our own research, come to
our own conclusions and perhaps even share those conclusions
with our health practitioners

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Great news!

Brand new energy drink that does it all . It goes along with the ncd drops , taken together you have a winner to the road of great health!

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Hawk the blind horse

Hawk a Blind horse with a Big heart.
February 4th, 2009

Hawk came to this month he was tied to a pole for the last 3 or 4 years never to wander out side, feel or smell grass even exercise. Very sad he is Blind and was used as a plow horse by the Amish.

They think he is 25 years old, I met him yesterday to take a look see, he has a very loving heart and followed me everywhere even though he could not see.

With the help of Elle and some groceries Hawk will recover quite nicelyimg_0547_1.JPG.

To make a donation for Hawk just got to and make any donation even $1.00 would help.

Hawk will Love you for it.