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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turnout Time's Impact on Grass Consumption and Fecal pH

Turnout Time's Impact on Grass Consumption and Fecal pH

This is why Big Sky Minerals are so important, as horses in the wild live off of them, Big Sky minerals are a naturally mined mineral where your horse absorbs all that is needed for his optimal health.

Back to the basics the way nature intended
Even with modern technology in horse supplementation , there are still a lot of horse owners with issues with their horses. In doing research, we found we have drifted far from what was natural for the horse. We went back to grass roots and checked out many natural occurring mineral sources. We use some of those mineral deposits as the basis of our program. We feel we are complimenting and balancing the horse's more than we are supplementing it.
Big Sky Horse Mineral
Big Sky Horse Mineral supplies the animal with over 70 minerals in chelate form to detoxify and will aid in parasite control. These three issues all have to be addressed if we want healthy horses. You get all this in one package. What ever your horse needs Big Sky gives you the foundation to build upon.
  Big Sky is a balanced amount of of macro and micro minerals to compliment each other and help the horse balance his system. Since Big Sky is a product in its natural form, a horse will free choice it to supply his mineral needs as it is intended. Big Sky gives the horse a bigger variety of minerals than we have found in any other product. Balance by nature and in harmony with nature.
It is important what you feed a horse. It is also important how many of these nutrients the horse retains for himself . Most important, are these nutrients surrounded by the correct micro-nutrients so they can enter the blood stream in the correct balance so the horse can get the most benefit?
With the horse being somewhat of a desert animal, he prefers the mineral rich dry grasses growing around the mineral deposits in the western states. If the horse has a health issue he would even eat the mineral rich soil to correct his problem. This is what we are bringing to you for your horse. In all our years of horse nutrition I have still not found a better balanced, more complete mineral supplement system than what nature has given us.
The demand for micronutrients in any given horse is constantly changing. Force feeding micronutrients often overloads the liver and kidneys, which need to be at full capacity during high physical output. The serious horse owner should not guess at the requirements of the horse but should free choice.
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