Friday, May 25, 2012

Horsemanship Tips by Dr Regan Golob Of Dynamite Marketing

This is my mentor, not my teacher even though I learned tons from him, I took my certification from Dr Julie Montgomery

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why people do not heal.

For maybe forty years I have given the advice, which has also been given to me by teachers and doctors ahead of me, that cancer can be cured.  This can be done under certain conditions.  As we have often said "there are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable people." Here are a few:

1.  The individual who is a hypochondriac, who enjoys ill health, and will not follow the advice.  It is a waste of time to talk to them because they enjoy ill health, and they enjoy the pleasure of having people bow and scrape to them--those who try to make life a little easier for them.  Maybe some of these individuals were wallflowers and nobody paid any attention to them, so they became very sickly.  Now they are actually hypochondriacs, and everything that sounds like it might help, they might try for a short time to get attention, but they won't try diligently enough to follow through.  They still enjoy ill health best of all!

2.  The second type of individual that we cannot help is the one whose "time has come."  "Everything moves in its time and season." There is an hour to be born, and there is an hour to die.  We cannot dispute this because when our job is done here on earth, and we have done either the good or the evil that we have come to earth to do, the good Lord says, "it's your time."  I don't care if you have a staff of the greatest doctors on the face of the earth, that individual is going to go!  And, this is right, isn't it?

3.  The third type that we cannot help is the lazy individual who just can't seem to follow a program.  They leave the aids on the shelf; they will not follow through on the therapies or even on "Thought patterns"...i.e. mind over matter; magic of believing,".  They are not what we call faithful patients.  The faithful patient is one who will follow the program as many times a day as needed, accepting all physical inconveniences, whatever program a good natural wholistic instructor has given them.  Those who are faithful to the program, six days a week (never seven), week after week, will be healed, if it is to be.