Monday, June 27, 2011

Keeping a horse healthy using natural remedies

As a holistic equine practitioner I have found that helping horses are easy, the hardest part is the horse owner not trusting my advice, usually because it seems unconventional

I have come across some amazing horse owners that will go to great lengths to help their horse, then others that have witness total health and recovery with my natural protocols then dismiss them at a moments notice when given advice from some other horse person or equine lay person.
Their horses are healthy then they switch up to a new product, or their horse takes a bad step and they listen to this person that person etc.

This can be very frustrating; when first and foremost as a holistic practitioner motto is first do no harm.

I have clients that are on my natural program that board their horses, when it comes time for fecal checks their horse never have any egg counts not even worm infestation, but the other horses at the barn do. Instead of the boarding barn manager looking at the no wormy healthy horse, they tend to criticize the healthy horse owner, telling them they have to use a chemical wormer.

To me this is total brain washing in the horse industry. It is every horse owner’s right to care for their horse any way they please. I am about teaching knowledge to help the horse be healthy using natural methods. Whether it be herbs, minerals or many times even though they love their blacksmith most of the time lameness challenges are the blacksmith, seen this over and over. It took me 2 years to find the right one my horses where they were always lame till I did found one. Persistence pays off when it comes to a sound horse

I have extensive experience and knowledge to help all horse owners, but I can only help the horse if the owner would just listen and not get side tracked by what others tell them, I always say just give me 3 months. Plus I stay with the horse owner during this time of recovery in case a protocol needs to be change up.

I had one lady who had a very arthritic pony that had foundered, she asked me to come see the pony. I refused stating this is a internal job and since your pony is so old the only advice I can give you is just to feed the natural minerals form Big Sky and hay pellets from Standlee, see what happens. Well three months later I saw her at a clinic I was giving and she grabbed me hugged me and was thrilled to tell me her pony was a running a bucking and a kicking. She stated that she has never seen him run like that in 3 years, that he was happy and most important sound.
 I have many of theses stories that I can share, given the horse time to heal and reestablish the natural mineral content and patience plus staying the course will result in a much healthier sound horse.