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Great testimonial of my work being used by my Certified Student
Hi Lorrie, I have worked on a couple more horses recently. I have been practicing on my horse regularly but had a few new ones to work with. I also have 2 more clients coming up too.

MayDay is a Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He is a great trail horse but had been showing discomfort when mounting and dismounting and disliked arena work. His atlas, neck, withers, back, and hips were out. After working on him, he no longer pinned his ears when mounting/dismounting and was happy to work and gait in the arena, not just on trails. His owner was shocked that he not only tolerated arena work but actually enjoyed it! His before and after pictures look like a completely different horse!

I lost my pictures for this horse when I killed my phone but still had my results written down.
Helo is a Paint/QH gelding. He is only 12, but has been treated for arthritis in his knees. His owner said he has been moving much better now that he is on a joint supplement to address the arthritis but that he was stiff and sticky through his gates. He was also flinching when she would brush his back and was acting girthy when tightening the girth. His atlas, neck, L+R shoulders, girth point, withers, L+R ribs, R stifle, and hips were out. Helo's owner was skeptical of how acupressure would work but she was amazed how much freer he moved and how he was offering to use his hind without her having to push.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colic Prevention-

One key to feeding probiotics properly is to ensure the organisms are viable (live) when they reach the hindgut. Dead cultures--such as brewer's yeast or those killed by the heat in grain pelleting or extruding--cannot provide the desired benefits owners seek. If you choose a feed that claims to have included probiotics, ensure the cultures included are live and have not been killed during processing.
Hig Trac activates the gut ph balance once ingested , preventing winter colic and relieving colic on onset.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Equine WormGuard The best natural wormer on market!

What is "Holistic Health Care"?
 Holistic Health Care examines the impact that disposition and environment have on your animals overall health.

 It differs from conventional care because it doesn't just treat the symptoms of parasite infestation.
Holistic Health Care methods (treating the whole animal) are grounded in proven natural principles and practices, many of which have been around for centuries.

 By focusing on your animal as a whole, made up of both overall health and body we take into account every aspect of the animal's health: quality of diet which in many cases is very poor due to processed feed, general health care, and our environment.

Omni-Horse Wormer-With Immune Boost and Probiotics is holistic in nature dealing with the whole animal not just health destructive parasites.
Our many regular clients using our Omni wormer have suggested using Omni-WormGuard Plus in conjuction with WormGuard Plus Super Concentrate as it is not necessary to feed our Omni Plus more than 3 times a week to keep the immune system strong.
The really great thing about Omni-Horse Wormer-WormGuard Plus With Immune Boost and Probiotics is it's an all natural wormer but contains no toxic wormwood.
 Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus does it all and better with no fear of a possible deadly overdose or maybe adverse side effects and there is no immunity for worms and parasites because Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus eliminates parasites mechanically not chemically.

The wormer in all WormGuard products is a concentrated form of FDA approved Food Grade Perma-Guard (Fosil Shell Flour) Diatomaceous Earth which consist of tiny phytoplanktons mainly composed of amorphous hydrated silicates, of less than 1 %.
 When parasites come in contact with the tiny particles,there exoskeleton is pierced and the waxy fats and lipids leak from the cuticle of the insect resulting in fluid loss, dehydration and death and this is done naturally without chemicals..
 The Chinese have used Diatomaceous Earth to rid animals of intestinal parasites for more than 4000 years. Each order of Omni-Horse Wormer-is 2 pounds - approximately 10 cups - One 2 pound order will last for 20 days . To treat a 1000 pound horse use (1/2) cup daily 3 times a week to keep your horse worm free with a beautiful thick shinny coat with more energy and a much stronger immune system and digestive system

Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus With Immune Boost and Probiotics click here to order from our website

Definition of Omni : In all ways, in all places, of all things. As all, both in the Source and its Creations. IMMUNE BOOST Guarantee Per Ounce:
  1. Vitamin A -40,000 IU.
  2. Vitamin D3 -10,000 IU
  3. Vitamin E -5,000 IU
  4. Vitamin C -3,000 mg
  5. DMG -1,500 mg,
  6. Echinacea Root -1,000 mg
  7. Magnesium -500 mg
  8. L-Arginine -500 mg
  9. Choline - 375 mg
  10. Zinc - 350 mg
  11. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  12. Vitamin B1 - 300 mg each
  13. Lysine/Niacin/Quercitin/Superoxide Dismutase - 250 mg each
  14. Grape Seed Extract/Manganese - 200 mg each,
  15. d-Pantothenic Acid - 150 mg
  16. Vitamin B2 - 100 mg
  17. Vitamin B6 - 50 mg
  18. Vitamin K - 10 mg
  19. Beta Carotene - 5 mg
  20. Iodine/Selenium - 2 mg each
  21. Vitamin B12 - 1 mg
Immune Boost is formulated to strengthen the horses immune system, while also boosting the immune response to toxins and pathogens in the body or used in times of increased risk of illness. 
Strongly recommended to maintain a healthy immune system during periods of stress. People, I think in general, we need to be more concerned about the potential for parasite drug resistance in our animals since indiscriminate use of anthelmintics (these are drugs to treat internal parasites ) can lead to even greater "parasite problems". And I think we all know this.  
Omni-WormGuard Plus for horses is the most effective concept in an all natural de wormer with guaranteed health protection for your equine friend.

Please call toll free 1.877.774.0594.

Hours are Sunday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Wefare as we know it

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House Passes Welfare Reform Reauthorization

The House passed legislation reauthorizing the 1996 welfare reform law (PL 104-193) that eliminated the federal welfare entitlement. The bill (HR 4737) passed on May 16, 2002, on a largely party line vote of 229-197, with most Republicans supporting the bill and most Democrats opposing it. It is awaiting action in the Senate.

The House-passed bill would require states to ensure that 70 percent of welfare recipients have jobs by 2007. An estimate 58 percent of welfare recipients do not have jobs now. It would also require welfare recipients to work 40 hours per week, with at least 24 hours spent at a work site and up to 16 hours spent in training.

The bill would continue current federal spending levels on the welfare program at $16.5 billion per year and increase child care funding by $2 billion over five years. It would provide states new flexibility in implementing housing and food stamp programs. It also authorizes $300 million per year for marriage-promotion programs.

- 5/16/02

New You Tube Videos-Meet & Greets

New You Tube Videos-Meet & Greets

Laminitis /Cushings in horses- Preventing Solutions Results

Monday, October 29, 2012

Testimonial from a student of Pain Point Release

Just wanted to let you know the lady with the last two horses, prophet and Shadow said that it was like watching two totally different horses walking today. Shadow was still off but nothing like yesterday even after I finished. She is continuing to improve. YAH!
Cindy Giacomini

Here are her case studies you can learn this too!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lymes disease results with horses

Testimonial on a Mini Horse

Tombets wrote: "I just had Lorrie Bracaloni at my house, she is great. She will tell you why a natural diet is important to your horses, and will tell you what some of the ingredients in the grain is doing to them. She also can tell you what they need, you can send her a hair sample. I have a mini dwarf who had trouble bending her front leg, normally, I thought maybe she had dislocated her shoulder, rubbing along the fence. I had a chiropractor come, and it helped, only that she wasn't walking on her toe, but would flex and put her foot flat. But when Lorrie came, she said the muscle at her chest, not sure what the muscle is called, was so tight. She had me lift that leg, and she turned her head to the opposite side, just till she felt resistance, and then left it go. Did that two or three times, and I seen a HUGE improvement, right away. She now bends that leg!! Amazing how simple it was, and the great reslults. She is very knowledeable, and has been in the practice about 11 years., Lorrie Bracaloni."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gid rid of the Emotions casuing you illness Easy,

Watch this amazing informative video on how to get rid the emotions that cause your illness and blockages, as a Emotion Code practitioner I do and can help you release your emotions that block you moving forard in life easy and fun Plus you feel Great!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I wrote My Horse Books DVDS

Lorrie Bracaloni here, author of three books:All on Amazon/Kindle

How to Identify & Release your Horses Pain Points

Natural Equine Remedies

Pet Grooming in the Home Working Smarter Not Harder

I have always loved English and history growing up, my two favorite classes.

I wrote short stories about animals , but my passion was horses always.

So my writing career too over when my beautiful stallion Romeo died at the age of three, devastated I look searched for reasons why, within two weeks my answer was given.

I met Dr Regan Golob a Equine Holistic Practitioner Washington State, he taught me nutrition and body balancing .

I knew I was always going to be a writer one day so after my 4 step children were grown I decided to write my how to do books. So I started first with what I did for a living , Pet Grooming in the Home

The book has helped 100”s of Pet groomers work much easier plus make more money.

I had gone to school in Flordia at Julie Montgomery’s Holistic Equine Therapies Center and received my certifications from TallGrass Institute Acupressure , herbal remedies and Homeopathic.

When I came home I had visions of saving all horses and teaching horse owners how they could prevent illness and disease thru proper nutrition and body balancing .

Well what a wake up call as in my area Washington Dc horse owners were not interested .

Frustrated I knew I had to keep practicing my acupressure method I had learned ,so I went to race tracks

and a local horse rescue Horsenet . There I gave workshops and taught what I had learned to groups of horse lovers, but most of the students could not remember the pain points.

I was afraid to share my knowledge with the horse world in book form really did not know how, then one day I went with the former caretakers of Horsenet to work on her herd of 40 horses that were basically wild , as volunteers were hard to come by to handle theses horses. Going thru the herd one by one is where I decided to write my first how to book for horse lovers. After working on 20 horses I asked why was this horse here, the answer was always bucking, rearing,sore back etc. Each one only had their withers out , meaning spasms. Most of the horse I worked on did not know why their owners gave them up and once the withers were back in with a east lift acupressure release , they were no longer in pain. A easy remedy anyone could learn. I went home angry and crying for theses horses.

I then found a videographer who helped me write my book and send my message out to the horse world. How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points is 3 years running with great success . I receive emails weekly how I have helped horse owners balance their horses and save them money and time.

During my horse expo demos I was constantly being asked about health issues, it was then I decided to write Natural Equine Remedies, Teaching all horse lovers and opening their eyes to natural horse care . Natural Equine Remedies will help your horse till the vet arrives, a wealth of info and links to all resources. I must say it was frustrating to write and I went thru 6 editors to get the book to print- Unfortunately it does have typos , not many but a wealth of information.

I am now seeing more books coming out on helping horses that the owners can learn how to care better for their horses. So I encourage anyone who has a gift to share to do so. Really with Print on demand and Elance it really is not that hard.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Certified student in Pain Point Release-Case Study

Hey Lorrie!
This is Storm, a 21 yo QH.  These are the points that were out:
Atlas, shoulders, ribs on right side, withers, stifles, neck points, and his hips were out of alignment.  They were all clear when I re-checked and he looked pretty good.  What I saw visually was that he didn't look as sway backed, he stood stronger over his front feet, and his pelvis didn't look rotated. 
Let me know if you need any other information. I have 2 other horses to do soon and will send you my reports :-)

After Body work.
See how much more balanced and relaxed he looks back up.
Anyone can learn to help horses with my New Pain Point Release Certification course.
Coming soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reading Horse feed labels

So someone sent this lable to me to have a look over in the highlighted red are my responses.
Also found in my book Natural Equine Remedies

Crude Protein (min.) ............................................................................... 25.00%
Way too much protein horses can only handle 10% protein and under

Too much protein throws the intestinal tract digestive process out of balance. Poor digestion and an altered pH are often the result. Remember, horses are grazing animals, and require little protein compared to dogs and people. In the cattle industry, the ill effects of excess protein have been well studied, yet farmers still feed too much of it.

Horses do great and have less health problems on a low protein diet; on a high protein diet you will see ligament, tendon and kidney issues arise. You must watch your horse‟s protein intake carefully. Dr. T.W. Swerczek at the University of Kentucky feels that a diet high in protein and low in fiber can predispose stressed horses to become ill.
Lysine (min.) ............................................................................................. 1.40%

Crude Fat (min.) ....................................................................................... 2.00%

Crude Fiber (max.) ................................................................................... 6.00%

Dehulled Soybean Meal Estrogen throwing off the hormone's in your horse, Ground Corn, Wheat Middlings, Whey, Pulverized Oats,

Alfalfa Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Iron Oxide, Lignin Sulfonate, Animal Fat carnivores.What horse never eat and Vegetable Oil Hello horse do not have a gallbladder hard to diegest bocks mineral absoption

Ethoxyquin (a preservative),

Ethoxyquin – an EPA-regulated pesticide. This does not have to be labeled now. It is a rubber stabilizer and aids as a preservative for long shelf life.
All of these substances are banned from human food; some promote kidney disease, stomach tumors and more. No horse owner really wants these toxic chemicals in the body of their beloved horse.

Refined white salt is a biologically changing, completely unnatural and chemicalized substance. Refinery salt may legally receive up to 2% of chemical additives, such as bleaches, anti-caking agents, and conditioners. Ferrocyanide, yellow prussiate of soda, tricalcium phosphate, calcium aluminosilicate, and sodium aluminosilicate are anti-caking agents whose role is to prevent the salt from mixing with water in the box or in the body. This prevents the salt from doing one of its important functions: remineralizing the organism.
For more information-

Why would any horse lover feed the above ingredients to their horse and have health issues down the road?


Thursday, August 9, 2012

One of the contest runner ups extending contest send your photos videos and
testimonials in!

Before Big Sky

 After 2 weeks on Big Sky

Giovanni "Geo" is an 8 year old, 18.3h+ Belgian gelding. When I acquired Geo he was underweight and had a very dull coat to him. The before and after pictures are within two weeks of the diet change. His diet is Big sky minerals, Standlee hay pellets, Black oil sunflower seeds, and Apple cider vinegar. He is currently turned out 24/7 on grass fields. He is in work a few days a week as we are taking it slow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Here is the testimonial on Dan the horse in this video

Hi Lorrie Julie Bolton ,
Just wanted to let you know that I rode Dan last night and he was fantastic!
   I cannot believe it
It was like riding him 2 to 3 years ago
he has not been right for a couple of years
So I was very excited about that
No twisting, kicking bucking, he just picked up his leads whenever i wanted

It was just unbelievable Thanks

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Mentors for Equine Health & Yours

I Lorrie Bracaloni became a Certified Equine Holistic Practitioner  after my horse died of colic at the age of 3.What I discovered from theses great teachers was a amazing  journey into great health and I would like to share with you.
In the following order are the very Best teachers and equine health practitioners the  horse world will ever discover.
These following practitioners are rare and few and horses are in need of more, I am listing their web sites so that you can experience their amazing gifts for you and your horses-pets-If they are in your area. Their knowledge is priceless- The Master teacher of all below- He gives classes and works on people/horses My teacher and mentor wealth of knowledge for all. A student of both teacher above and a great educator . Classes too. Gives classes and a Dr. Regan student.

As you can see there are very few  real horse health equine practitioners. . More are needed.

The reason theses Equine Holistic Practitioners are so great , they assist the horse and you in whole body modalities, meaning Energy-Nutrition-Bodywork- the techniques are used on the whole horse not just one method, but they look at the whole picture to achieve optimum health.

So if you are located near one of them and even me  , I also give classes and workshops. Please for the health of your horse , contact them above , your horse and you will benefit.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Book Review Must see

Reviewed by

Carol M. Upton
I have written this workbook

to help you help your horse

and to share with you my

knowledge and insight. You now

have the resources to help your

horse using natural remedies,

while waiting for your vet to arrive

in the event of a poor health

or traumatic injury situation. —

Lorrie Bracaloni, C.H.P.

As we humans embrace more

natural wellness for ourselves,

Lorrie Bracaloni. is doing the

same for horses with her new

book Natural Equine Remedies.

This practical manual will help

all owners prevent and treat

health issues, saving time and

money in horse care. It will be of

particular interest to those living

in more isolated rural areas, far

from the nearest veterinarian.

You will learn how to administer

basic aid and keep your horse

comfortable until the vet comes.

Bracaloni is clear that she is

not a licensed veterinarian and

that this workbook is a result of

her own experience healing over

100 horses using natural therapies.

In addition to preventive

practices using herbs, diet and

minerals, Bracaloni covers treatment

for 17 common equine

ailments, including abscesses,

bruised heels, eye issues, colds

and flu, parasites and West Nile.

The last part of the book

is devoted to detailed explanations

of homeopathic

medicines, along with a quick

reference chart. There is also a

complete section on herbals and

other natural products, their

various uses, and testimonials

from happy users.

Natural Equine Remedies is an

important adjunct to veterinary

care that may create more successful

outcomes for your sick or

injured horse. You’ll definitely

want it as an addition to your

barn reference books.

Available at http://www.naturalequineremedies.

com/ Soft

Cover, 2011, $28.00

ISBN: 9-781-468-004601

Also available as a Kindle edition

Lorrie Bracaloni, C.H.P. has been

practicing natural remedies for over

12 years. She has helped hundreds of

horses regain their natural vitality

and health. Lorrie offers workshops

and clinics around the country and

has published several articles and

books. Visit Lorrie at

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HOW IMPORTANT IS CALCIUM? By Dr. John R. Christopher

HOW IMPORTANT IS CALCIUM? By Dr. John R. Christopher

There is no element that is less understood and more ignorantly applied than calcium and its compounds.

Calcium is the great builder of the structural parts of the body, not only of the Bones and Ligaments, but the Walls of the Arteries, the Heart, The Walls of the Veins, the Teeth, the Epithelial and Connective Tissues. It is also an integral and Necessary Element in Both Blood and Lymph.

We know that many malnutritional diseases, such as rickets, and cretinism (though of course there are other causes) are usually the results of a deficiency of calcium.

Too Much Calcium

At the same time, we know that Excess of Calcium is responsible for arteriosclerosis, (or hardening of the arteries), also for scleroma (or sclerosis of tissue, liver, skin, eyes and so forth). In fact, we know that old age itself is brought about by a gradual hardening of the whole structural system through deposition of calcium compounds that are insoluble and inorganic.

Calcium is little understood and often ignorantly administered.

While the young growing organism can use relatively large amounts of calcium, a fully matured and solidified body requires less calcium. For middle age, comparatively less than half the amount is necessary. The older age requires a very small amount; above which calcium becomes a very dangerous thing to use, often bringing about most disastrous results, and yet never being thought of as the cause of the chronic suffering, and sometimes death of the patient.

The calcium that does the trouble is the inorganic type.

Of course, inorganic calcium cannot be used in the life process of the cell, but forms instead the greatest number of obstructions to the normal life processes of the human organism.

Organic Calcium

Organic calcium, as found in some foods and herbs, is distinctly alkaline in reaction such as Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce, String Beans and Onions; while others have an acid reaction upon certain fluids and tissues such as milk, cheese, peas, beans, lentils, cucumbers, radishes, fish, meat, potatoes, and so forth.

Green and leafy vegetables contain calcium chloride, as do many berries and herbs. Organic Calcium Chloride is found in Red Clover, Wheat Bran, Rhubarb, Yellow Dock, Watercress, Blue Vervain, Motherwort, Cactus, Hawthorn Berries, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow, and many others.

Calcium chloride is a great heart tonic.

It is as though the good Lord knew that millions of us would suffer with some heart trouble, and so made the remedy easily available. Calcium chloride is a great heart tonic. In fact, it is so potent and effective in its action upon a weak heart that the great English scientist, Sir Lauder Brunton, said: "Heart failure, which so often follows influenza and pneumonia, may be averted by the extended use of calcium chloride."

"White sugar has been called a leacher of calcium."

When we see how important calcium is in body action, we should never use in our body something that will counteract calcium's power. By the use of REFINED SUGAR, we are using a substance that IS KNOWN AS A CALCIUM DESTROYER.

As Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C. - N.D., in his book You Can Master Diseases, (copyright 1952, Bernard Jensen, Pub. Div., CA), states: "White sugar has been called a leacher of calcium."

Effects of Sugar on Calcium

As soon as sugar enters the body, it goes directly into the blood stream and commences removing the calcium it comes into contact with and robs the cells of the calcium, from the arteries, veins, capillaries, tissue, muscles, bones, etc.

Pregnancy & Calcium

A prospective mother is carrying the fetus in her womb. If she does not have enough calcium in her body to supply  the baby, as well as herself, she is in trouble. The baby, by nature, will get first choice and will draw from the mother's body any calcium it can get for its' own survival. The fetus draws from the veins, arteries, muscles, teeth and bones of the mother. This is the reason for so much varicosity and loss of teeth during pregnancy.
The more sugars and starches (which turn to sugar) the mother consumes, the faster the drainage of calcium from her body, and trouble from weakened areas.
See our Information sheet on Pregnancy:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Horse knee result-Before and After

Candy's Knee before Bik Sky and Mini Zyme

This is Candy"s knee one week after being on Big Sky and mini zyme
Starting to absorb the calcium , the knee was softer will be doing another photo next week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to cool down Your Horse!

<>Warning signs of heat stress in your horse include:<><><>
  1. Elevated breathing. More than 40-50 breaths per minute in an inactive horse, or after several minutes rest (2-5 minutes) your horse's breathing doesn't return to normal. Normal range is 4-16 breaths per minute.
  2. Elevated heart rate. More than 80 beats per minute in an inactive horse, or after several minutes rest (2-5 minutes) your horse's heart
  1. Profuse sweating or no sweat at all.
  2. Elevated temperature. More than 103-105 degrees. Normal range is 99-101.
  3. Lethargy and/or depressed attitude. Doesn't want to move, doesn't want to eat, or becomes disinterested.
  4. Dehydration. Flanks are caved in, pinch test of the skin on the neck doesn't snap back quickly, and/or the mucous membranes are discolored (specifically a dark red, purple or "muddy" color). Normal is pink colored.

What to do when you recognize any or all of these signs:

  1. Stop what you are doing and call your veterinarian, especially if the signs do not improve within 10 minutes.
  2. Remove all tack.
  3. Douse your horse with cold water. Especially over withers
  4. Find shade.
  5. Seek a breeze, either natural or with a fan.
  6. Offer water to drink. Plus High trac from natural mollases 1 tablesppoon
  7. Wait for your veterinarian to arrive.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Candy a Quarter horse mare on commercial feed

Here is a horse named Candy who I worked on yesterday, she is 23 and her digestion and whole body system was shutting down, she was walking pigeon toed in the back end very stiff.
Her diet was commercial grain + corn oil- just vaccinated + ivermictin.
Now the owners other horses were on the same diet except they were younger- Their livers can handle the commercial diet, but over time the straw will break the camels back.
This is Candy after I worked on her-see how her hind end is tucked in, I did some emotional release - we are switching her diet to Big Sky and hay pellets Standlee will take pictures in 2 weeks.
She also has a knee we will be giving her minizyme and see what happens-
Stay tuned and please subscribe to my blog for more updates.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another reason not to feed Beet Pulp

Do you remember the two women who came to the expo with us? Well, one of their horses choked last night on beet pulp. The vet came out and tubed her. It was very scary. I offered the high trax but they gave her mineral oil instead. They feed so much bad stuff...Red Cell, beet pulp, molasses, Log Cabin syrup. And grain three times a week. We've tried to get them to at least give the pellets but they aren't interested. So...that's how is goes. The horse is ok today and should recover

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My horse is my friend and not my slave

Testimonial on a client who made her horse sound!

 So this client was having trouble with her horse being off, after she used my remedy to rid her horse of ring-bone ,he became off.
She had bought my book How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points she watched the DVD 
read the workbook and here is her results!

ok so I finally worked on her tonight. I did goof with a couple things  cause I didn't take the book out with me. her left side of atlas was hard and her eyes were ever so slightly misaligned. had to use lavender on atlas to get it to release. her front ribs felt fine to me, well at least I think they were! her back had reaction on left side more than right. I lifted her belly a couple times and that seemed to help. but I screwed up with the flinching along her back in front of her hips. I didn't put my finger on her girth area to test. she is very tender there, so I kept lifting her back up and it seemed to make her a little more comfortable. So need to recheck properly tomorrow. I did trot her in a circle on a lead rope and she seemed a whole lot better. I plan to trail ride her tomorrow. appreciate any feedback from you.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Horsemanship Tips by Dr Regan Golob Of Dynamite Marketing

This is my mentor, not my teacher even though I learned tons from him, I took my certification from Dr Julie Montgomery

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why people do not heal.

For maybe forty years I have given the advice, which has also been given to me by teachers and doctors ahead of me, that cancer can be cured.  This can be done under certain conditions.  As we have often said "there are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable people." Here are a few:

1.  The individual who is a hypochondriac, who enjoys ill health, and will not follow the advice.  It is a waste of time to talk to them because they enjoy ill health, and they enjoy the pleasure of having people bow and scrape to them--those who try to make life a little easier for them.  Maybe some of these individuals were wallflowers and nobody paid any attention to them, so they became very sickly.  Now they are actually hypochondriacs, and everything that sounds like it might help, they might try for a short time to get attention, but they won't try diligently enough to follow through.  They still enjoy ill health best of all!

2.  The second type of individual that we cannot help is the one whose "time has come."  "Everything moves in its time and season." There is an hour to be born, and there is an hour to die.  We cannot dispute this because when our job is done here on earth, and we have done either the good or the evil that we have come to earth to do, the good Lord says, "it's your time."  I don't care if you have a staff of the greatest doctors on the face of the earth, that individual is going to go!  And, this is right, isn't it?

3.  The third type that we cannot help is the lazy individual who just can't seem to follow a program.  They leave the aids on the shelf; they will not follow through on the therapies or even on "Thought patterns"...i.e. mind over matter; magic of believing,".  They are not what we call faithful patients.  The faithful patient is one who will follow the program as many times a day as needed, accepting all physical inconveniences, whatever program a good natural wholistic instructor has given them.  Those who are faithful to the program, six days a week (never seven), week after week, will be healed, if it is to be.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Secrets of the World Class Movie

Secrets of the World Class Movie: I'm a firm believer in this fact - How you think about yourself determines every outcome of your life.brbrToday I want to share a very important short video to back up my thoughts on this concept.brbrIf you're totally satisfied with your life, don't bother to watch this 3 minute movie.brbrHowever, if your goal is to maximize your potential in could be the best 3 minutes you've ever spent! Enjoy.brbr

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is a Nosode and why your horse will benefit

What is a Nosode?

Nosodes have been used for over a hundred years in homeopathy and have an excellent track record.
All dog diseases can be controlled or eliminated by using Nosodes for distemper, Parvo, Bordatella,
Para−influenza, Leptospirosis, Adenovirys, corona and rabies. In cats the distemper, FIV, FIP,
Leukemia, and other Nosodes are available.
In Horses the flu, Rhino, EWT (Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus), West Nile, Strangles,
EPM (Equine Protozoal Myelitis) and Herpes (Pneumobort) are available and quite effective.

For the past nine years Dr. Wessener has been using Nosodes in his practice as a replacement for
vaccines and the results have surpassed his wildest dreams. Not only are the diseases controlled, as
good or better than the vaccines, but also no reactions, either acute or chronic are seen.

To clarify the foregoing statement, much of Dr. Wessner's practice is counseling people, in person,
and on the phone to all parts of the country, on the proper protocols for their pets and horses for the
effects of over−vaccination and vaccination reactions. He also teaches a week-long course on Acute
Homeopathy for Animals.

Many itchy, arthritic, allergic, chronically infected ears and many other canine problems have their
roots in over vaccination. In horses, over vaccination, over use of anti−biotics, chemical fly sprays and
wormers cause many horses to succumb to EPM, Herpes, Uveitis, and autoimmune diseases not seen
50 years ago before this became a "common" practice.

There has also become an increase in the number of "itchy" horses that have been subjected to the
over use of vaccines and the over use of chemicals, including wormers (monthly paste and daily) and
fly sprays. With all the over−vaccinations, worming and strong chemical fly sprays it also makes them
unable to recover from or over−come laminitis and founder.

Can buy here:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Testimonial from Madalyn Ward DVM

Madalyn Ward
  • Lorrie, I had the pleasure to read your book last week. Here is the review I promised. Hope it is helpful to you. Review of Natural Equine Remedies
    By Madalyn Ward, DVM

    Lorrie Bracaloni gives a very good introduction to natural medicine for horses in her book, Natural Equine Remedies. She starts with a good discussion or nutrition and the importance of quality, whole foods. She emphasizes the need for minerals in a form that the horse can absorb and use.

    Natural Equine Remedies covers many common horse ailments and offers natural treatments for them. The many links to articles offers the reader many places to go for additional resources. This book is a nice addition to the library of any horse owner.

    Mardalyn Ward has published Holistic Horse keeping a great book can be bought here

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why you Never force feed SALT to Horses

Ok this article explains why horses Should Not be fed force feed salt.

They also plug their own product which is similar to Big Sky, and much more expensive.

So never force feed salt , I put my loose Redmond salt out twice a month and let my horses decide if they need it.

Where to buy link in my new book Natural Equine Remedies

Monday, January 30, 2012

Great testimonial on my new book!

Hi Lorrie,
We have been doing the belly lifts everyday for about 3 weeks. 
I just purchased the Jack Meagher book; it sounds really interesting and has great reviews! I'm very excited to read it.
I have really enjoyed your book as well. It's very well organized, making it an excellent reference book, and is easy for the reader to understand. I've learned a lot already!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Published article

Results From My New Book! Natural Equine Remedies

Hi Lorrie!

Things seem to be improving. He is getting 2 cups of the hay pellets soaked, now with 2 oz sky big, 2 oz calcium bentonite clay and 1/2 oz of hi-trax formula. This is reduced from the 4 oz of clay with 4 oz of big sky, as you prescribed. His withers are not as sore now, but the back at the base of the withers is still quite sore.

I tried the mineral acupressure points that Dr Golob describes in his DVD. Calcium, manganese, copper and internal parasites produced a positive test. After 2 weeks on the big sky minerals he shows no response to the calcium, manganese or internal parasite points, and only a slight response to the copper point. Major improvements!

His liver point still is sensitive, though it seems it is less positive than a month ago.

I tried the ulcer acupressure point that you describe in your book, which had a strong positive result 2 weeks ago. Now it is much less, but still slightly positive. 

I've been doing daily exercises with him that Dr. Golob recommends: the butt tuck, filling the hunter's bump, the wither lift and the neck telescope. It seems that the divot where the base of the neck meets the shoulder is much more supple now than 3 weeks ago. There are still 2 noticeable, hard knots in his neck on either side, though they are not as solid as they were 3 weeks ago. 

His movement has certainly improved. While he still tracks up a little short initially in the trot, he is much more limber starting out than before. It also takes much less time to warm up into a fluid, properly tracking trot with snorts. The canter seems to have improved also, especially to the right. He still will pick up the incorrect lead occasionally, and only cross fires to the left. It seems having a saddle on exacerbates the issue, but I need to test this theory more. 

Thanks so much for any guidance!



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Natural Horses Playing at

A Review from my New Book- Natural Equine Remedies

 This is from a natural horse author who I sent my book too, her comments and my rebuttal
 I am in black text  she is in blue

First of all, I do want to say you do have some really good info in your book. Thank You

I also would suggest you get a bit tougher skin as there are going to be people who don’t agree with what you have written.  Although my book got some amazing endorsements, there were three people who I have networked over the years who would not endorse.  One because I listed Buck Brannaman under natural horsemanship, one because she didn’t like my salt suggestion ons and one guy because I did not mention him directly in the book….
I know this book will step on toes , I am a advocate for the horse not Egos - Seen way too many horses crippled on commercial feeds just saw two this week sad very sad-I do TheWork of Byron Katie It is my job to like me or not- Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Horse owners need to know the difference and to help their horse

So, here is some of the info you had that doesn’t sit well with me:

You explain that horses are foraging animals and are meant to eat many small meals a day, but your program revolves around feeding hay pellets….Pellets are not natural, they are processed and they do not allow a horse to chew in the proper motion let alone wear down the teeth in any way.  I believe that grass and/or grass hays are the staple of a natural feed program. how can a horse eat free-choice with pellets?  I do however, suggest using Bermuda grass pellets in a very, very small amount as a supplement carrier (pellets soaked of course).Ok seems like you did not read about Standlee and how they process their feed pellets pg 11 has a higher enzyme activity and all my clients horses digest real well This is the only pellet I suggest- the others are crap.The horse gains weight, we only feed to get Big sky in them plus to see their horses on a daily basis and in small amounts

You advocate using grains, barley, oats and corn.  Grains are rarely needed except in very hard working horses and is extremely detrimental to easy keep/metabolically challenged equines.  Corn has the highest glycemic index of all the grains and not only a danger to Ems horses but cause a quick release of glucose, surge of insulin and adrenaline which causes all horses to crash for an hour or so..   I agree but horse people will not change over to the standely hay pellets and like to feed this is much better than commercial plus horse that work and in small amounts, corn in small amounts keep horses warm at night if their digestion is working then no worries on Em? which is a magnesium efficiency anyway seen it go away just on the Big Sky- Everything is about digestion in the horse keep the gut moving and balanced no problems will occur.
This is from Judy Sinner Dynamite rep Corn is controversial for many people. It contains less fiber and lots more energy per pound than oats, and corn thus has an undeserved reputation for being a heating feed. In fact, oats generate more b.t.u.'s (heat units) in digestion than corn does! Corn is an excellent feed for horses. Be sure to measure it by weight, not by volume, as it is very dense. Barley likewise is a denser, more energy -packed feed than oats, containing less fiber. Many horses become hyper on oats, because oats contain an alkaloid called avenin that is a central nervous system stimulant. Horses susceptible to avenin do really well on rolled barley instead of oats, possibly with some added corn. Oats and corn half and half by weight works well for many horses, or you can feed 1/3 each of corn, oats and barley, again by weight. Or barley and corn, or straight barley. You need to observe your horses' response, and also determine which grains are highest in quality in your area.
I only suggest in winter time only and for added fat Blackoil sunflower seeds

You say do NOT force feed salt.  This I disagree with because if hay is high in Potassium as much is, this reduces a horse’s natural craving for salt—they will not seek it out free-choice.  I do also however suggest having loose, white natural sea salt out 24/7.  Redmond salt is also high in iron which is high in most horse’s diets and water That is why it is free choice on a natural diet. Salt adds water plus will throw off mineral absorption, I only feed free choice and Redmond only

Laminitis, page 52.  You suggest giving both Bute and Benamin right away.  This can be extremely detrimental and push the horse further into the episode.  Products such as BTB Plus, a quality herbal Devil’s Claw is just as effective, doesn’t have negative side-effects and can be used long term.- I was quoting  the article - Horse people are going to do this anyway on the onset so will a vet- my protocol is written on page 53

Homeopathy is my first love, but I follow a more classical approach.  In many instances, you suggest using a wide number of remedies numerous times which I look at as a cookie-cutter approach.  Homeopathy is safe, but can cause aggravations if used incorrectly.  This is especially true when dealing with chronic issues.That is why I state the days taking it  usally no more than 5 days and dowse the horse for answers

I agree with the over-vaccination and used to used nosodes as a preventative.  But I learned from Dr Dupree ( that even this can cause issues as any homeopathic remedy can change the horse’s internal balance.  Therefore, I advocate using nosodes during an outbreak in your area or if the horse does come down with the disease. Right and I direct the reader to Dr . Wessners site

Page 68-vegatables.  I do not agree that fresh vegetables over tax a horse’s digestive system….  Yep and thank God there are alot that do not feed hard veggies on a daily basis I have one client that does and her horse colics at least 4 times a year. Horses are not root animals , plus the veggies have high amounts of vitamins , with very little enzymes to break down so now the horse has to over work to break down -in moderation it is ok I know I will not win on this one so if your horse colics or has recurring ulcers take a look at the diet

Page 43-colic. You state to never let a colicky horse roll because it can twist an intestine Again taken from a content site.  I believe that you should never let a colicky horse VIOLENTLY roll, but laying down and gently rolling can actually help them to start to move gas and/or manure.  Our mini, Cooper had an impaction colic from mesquite beans.  He actually layed upside down, then gently rolled back and forth.  Along with homeopathics, he was pooping within an hour.
Yep I get calls at 3 in the am telling me how the High trac saved their horses lives from colic. If they lay down fine but getting the hightrac in is most important

I was not looking for a endorsement I was looking for a review good or negative,thank you for taking the time to read.

Ask anyone that knows me my skin is thick lol