Thursday, October 18, 2012

Testimonial on a Mini Horse

Tombets wrote: "I just had Lorrie Bracaloni at my house, she is great. She will tell you why a natural diet is important to your horses, and will tell you what some of the ingredients in the grain is doing to them. She also can tell you what they need, you can send her a hair sample. I have a mini dwarf who had trouble bending her front leg, normally, I thought maybe she had dislocated her shoulder, rubbing along the fence. I had a chiropractor come, and it helped, only that she wasn't walking on her toe, but would flex and put her foot flat. But when Lorrie came, she said the muscle at her chest, not sure what the muscle is called, was so tight. She had me lift that leg, and she turned her head to the opposite side, just till she felt resistance, and then left it go. Did that two or three times, and I seen a HUGE improvement, right away. She now bends that leg!! Amazing how simple it was, and the great reslults. She is very knowledeable, and has been in the practice about 11 years., Lorrie Bracaloni."

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