Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I wrote My Horse Books DVDS

Lorrie Bracaloni here, author of three books:All on Amazon/Kindle

How to Identify & Release your Horses Pain Points

Natural Equine Remedies

Pet Grooming in the Home Working Smarter Not Harder

I have always loved English and history growing up, my two favorite classes.

I wrote short stories about animals , but my passion was horses always.

So my writing career too over when my beautiful stallion Romeo died at the age of three, devastated I look searched for reasons why, within two weeks my answer was given.

I met Dr Regan Golob a Equine Holistic Practitioner Washington State, he taught me nutrition and body balancing .

I knew I was always going to be a writer one day so after my 4 step children were grown I decided to write my how to do books. So I started first with what I did for a living , Pet Grooming in the Home

The book has helped 100”s of Pet groomers work much easier plus make more money.

I had gone to school in Flordia at Julie Montgomery’s Holistic Equine Therapies Center and received my certifications from TallGrass Institute Acupressure , herbal remedies and Homeopathic.

When I came home I had visions of saving all horses and teaching horse owners how they could prevent illness and disease thru proper nutrition and body balancing .

Well what a wake up call as in my area Washington Dc horse owners were not interested .

Frustrated I knew I had to keep practicing my acupressure method I had learned ,so I went to race tracks

and a local horse rescue Horsenet . There I gave workshops and taught what I had learned to groups of horse lovers, but most of the students could not remember the pain points.

I was afraid to share my knowledge with the horse world in book form really did not know how, then one day I went with the former caretakers of Horsenet to work on her herd of 40 horses that were basically wild , as volunteers were hard to come by to handle theses horses. Going thru the herd one by one is where I decided to write my first how to book for horse lovers. After working on 20 horses I asked why was this horse here, the answer was always bucking, rearing,sore back etc. Each one only had their withers out , meaning spasms. Most of the horse I worked on did not know why their owners gave them up and once the withers were back in with a east lift acupressure release , they were no longer in pain. A easy remedy anyone could learn. I went home angry and crying for theses horses.

I then found a videographer who helped me write my book and send my message out to the horse world. How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points is 3 years running with great success . I receive emails weekly how I have helped horse owners balance their horses and save them money and time.

During my horse expo demos I was constantly being asked about health issues, it was then I decided to write Natural Equine Remedies, Teaching all horse lovers and opening their eyes to natural horse care . Natural Equine Remedies will help your horse till the vet arrives, a wealth of info and links to all resources. I must say it was frustrating to write and I went thru 6 editors to get the book to print- Unfortunately it does have typos , not many but a wealth of information.

I am now seeing more books coming out on helping horses that the owners can learn how to care better for their horses. So I encourage anyone who has a gift to share to do so. Really with Print on demand and Elance it really is not that hard.

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