Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Laminitis /Cushings in horses- Preventing Solutions Results

Monday, October 29, 2012

Testimonial from a student of Pain Point Release

Just wanted to let you know the lady with the last two horses, prophet and Shadow said that it was like watching two totally different horses walking today. Shadow was still off but nothing like yesterday even after I finished. She is continuing to improve. YAH!
Cindy Giacomini

Here are her case studies you can learn this too!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lymes disease results with horses

Testimonial on a Mini Horse

Tombets wrote: "I just had Lorrie Bracaloni at my house, she is great. She will tell you why a natural diet is important to your horses, and will tell you what some of the ingredients in the grain is doing to them. She also can tell you what they need, you can send her a hair sample. I have a mini dwarf who had trouble bending her front leg, normally, I thought maybe she had dislocated her shoulder, rubbing along the fence. I had a chiropractor come, and it helped, only that she wasn't walking on her toe, but would flex and put her foot flat. But when Lorrie came, she said the muscle at her chest, not sure what the muscle is called, was so tight. She had me lift that leg, and she turned her head to the opposite side, just till she felt resistance, and then left it go. Did that two or three times, and I seen a HUGE improvement, right away. She now bends that leg!! Amazing how simple it was, and the great reslults. She is very knowledeable, and has been in the practice about 11 years.
HappyNaturalHorse.com, Lorrie Bracaloni."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gid rid of the Emotions casuing you illness Easy,


Watch this amazing informative video on how to get rid http://www.drbradleynelson.com/work/watch-the-body-code-cartoon/of the emotions that cause your illness and blockages, as a Emotion Code practitioner I do and can help you release your emotions that block you moving forard in life easy and fun Plus you feel Great!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I wrote My Horse Books DVDS

Lorrie Bracaloni here, author of three books:All on Amazon/Kindle

How to Identify & Release your Horses Pain Points

Natural Equine Remedies

Pet Grooming in the Home Working Smarter Not Harder

I have always loved English and history growing up, my two favorite classes.

I wrote short stories about animals , but my passion was horses always.

So my writing career too over when my beautiful stallion Romeo died at the age of three, devastated I look searched for reasons why, within two weeks my answer was given.

I met Dr Regan Golob a Equine Holistic Practitioner Washington State, he taught me nutrition and body balancing .

I knew I was always going to be a writer one day so after my 4 step children were grown I decided to write my how to do books. So I started first with what I did for a living , Pet Grooming in the Home

The book has helped 100”s of Pet groomers work much easier plus make more money.

I had gone to school in Flordia at Julie Montgomery’s Holistic Equine Therapies Center and received my certifications from TallGrass Institute Acupressure , herbal remedies and Homeopathic.

When I came home I had visions of saving all horses and teaching horse owners how they could prevent illness and disease thru proper nutrition and body balancing .

Well what a wake up call as in my area Washington Dc horse owners were not interested .

Frustrated I knew I had to keep practicing my acupressure method I had learned ,so I went to race tracks

and a local horse rescue Horsenet . There I gave workshops and taught what I had learned to groups of horse lovers, but most of the students could not remember the pain points.

I was afraid to share my knowledge with the horse world in book form really did not know how, then one day I went with the former caretakers of Horsenet to work on her herd of 40 horses that were basically wild , as volunteers were hard to come by to handle theses horses. Going thru the herd one by one is where I decided to write my first how to book for horse lovers. After working on 20 horses I asked why was this horse here, the answer was always bucking, rearing,sore back etc. Each one only had their withers out , meaning spasms. Most of the horse I worked on did not know why their owners gave them up and once the withers were back in with a east lift acupressure release , they were no longer in pain. A easy remedy anyone could learn. I went home angry and crying for theses horses.

I then found a videographer who helped me write my book and send my message out to the horse world. How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points is 3 years running with great success . I receive emails weekly how I have helped horse owners balance their horses and save them money and time.

During my horse expo demos I was constantly being asked about health issues, it was then I decided to write Natural Equine Remedies, Teaching all horse lovers and opening their eyes to natural horse care . Natural Equine Remedies will help your horse till the vet arrives, a wealth of info and links to all resources. I must say it was frustrating to write and I went thru 6 editors to get the book to print- Unfortunately it does have typos , not many but a wealth of information.

I am now seeing more books coming out on helping horses that the owners can learn how to care better for their horses. So I encourage anyone who has a gift to share to do so. Really with Print on demand and Elance it really is not that hard.