Thursday, May 29, 2014

Study: Owners Might Miss Signs of Equine Back Pain

Study: Owners Might Miss Signs of Equine Back Pain

That's why I wrote the book How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

California Chrome's Diet road to the Triple Crown .

California Chrome  the miracle beautiful Thoroughbred who won both legs of the Triple Crown in horse racing.

I as a Equine Holistic Practitioner I am intrigue on what they feed California Chrome ?

As you know what goes into your body is energy, put bad food in get bad results right?

Good healthy clean food creates high even happy energy correct?

I am always amazed on how horse owners never look to what their feeding their horses when 

their horses become unsound or even ill .

Lets look at California Chrome body.

No ribs showing very little , when ever I see ribs showing 1/2 way I look to digestion , in my opinion the horse is not digesting properly no matter how much grain the horse gets.


(Horses never gain weight on grain way too much acid to break down, horses gain weight on forage grass,hay. ) My feed program


My guess is what I found out ( I searched everywhere ) California diet is oats, hay and probably good absorbancy  minerals with a good pro-biotic.


Oats are easily digestible plus they are not GMO 


GMO  corn,beet pulp,soy products are all GMO which is hard for the horse to digest 

See feeding your feed labels here

I admire the trainer who cares for California Chrome on his feeding program.


Let's cheer him on to the Triple Crown.

Horsemanship Zen Training

I found this site on natural horse training .

I love the message she share with her clients.

Here is her link.