Monday, December 31, 2012

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Great testimonial of my work being used by my Certified Student
Hi Lorrie, I have worked on a couple more horses recently. I have been practicing on my horse regularly but had a few new ones to work with. I also have 2 more clients coming up too.

MayDay is a Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He is a great trail horse but had been showing discomfort when mounting and dismounting and disliked arena work. His atlas, neck, withers, back, and hips were out. After working on him, he no longer pinned his ears when mounting/dismounting and was happy to work and gait in the arena, not just on trails. His owner was shocked that he not only tolerated arena work but actually enjoyed it! His before and after pictures look like a completely different horse!

I lost my pictures for this horse when I killed my phone but still had my results written down.
Helo is a Paint/QH gelding. He is only 12, but has been treated for arthritis in his knees. His owner said he has been moving much better now that he is on a joint supplement to address the arthritis but that he was stiff and sticky through his gates. He was also flinching when she would brush his back and was acting girthy when tightening the girth. His atlas, neck, L+R shoulders, girth point, withers, L+R ribs, R stifle, and hips were out. Helo's owner was skeptical of how acupressure would work but she was amazed how much freer he moved and how he was offering to use his hind without her having to push.