Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Testimonial from Madalyn Ward DVM

Madalyn Ward
  • Lorrie, I had the pleasure to read your book last week. Here is the review I promised. Hope it is helpful to you. Review of Natural Equine Remedies
    By Madalyn Ward, DVM

    Lorrie Bracaloni gives a very good introduction to natural medicine for horses in her book, Natural Equine Remedies. She starts with a good discussion or nutrition and the importance of quality, whole foods. She emphasizes the need for minerals in a form that the horse can absorb and use.

    Natural Equine Remedies covers many common horse ailments and offers natural treatments for them. The many links to articles offers the reader many places to go for additional resources. This book is a nice addition to the library of any horse owner.

    Mardalyn Ward has published Holistic Horse keeping a great book can be bought here

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why you Never force feed SALT to Horses

Ok this article explains why horses Should Not be fed force feed salt.

They also plug their own product which is similar to Big Sky, and much more expensive.

So never force feed salt , I put my loose Redmond salt out twice a month and let my horses decide if they need it.

Where to buy link in my new book Natural Equine Remedies