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Article on Pain Points article on where your horse is in pain and what to do about it.

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Natural Equine Remedies E-Book

Natural Equine Remedies Availabe in PDF

Natural Equine Remedies is a book about helping your horse during health-related issues he may come upon in his life time. Use natural herbal remedies and homeopathics to help your horse recover from injuries , illness, and poor nutrition.
This book also teaches the horse owner how to prevent injuries, illness, and disease giving your horse a much happier, healthier life.
It also teaches you when to call a vet and what to do in the time before they arrive, plus an information bonus on where to buy the proven products Lorrie recommends.
A great reference book to have on hand.

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Seaching for a answer to help a horse

Thanks for your suggestions, I know you are only trying to help.  I will keep a long story short... for the past 5 years I have exhausted all western and alternative therapies (acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, myofascial release etc), spent a lot of money and done a ton of rehabilitation including core strengthening exercises to take this horse from being unsound and unrideable to 2nd level dressage.  I am well aware of all the therapies that help.   He finds the collected work for upper level dressage very difficult.  He is a GREAT success story anyway!!!   After much soul searching, I have decided to part with him because I think it would be a great opportunity for someone else.  Now that I have done all the physical therapy he is ready.   I am willing to give him away to find that perfect home.
This is from a person who was giving her horse away , all I told her was I could help and she sent me this, I then asked for a diet , because diet makes all the difference in the world no matter what modalities you do .
She never answered, what I would like to convey is yes horse people do alot of therapies and get no where, why ? Maybe the diet is all that needs changing , if lacking in magnesium nothing will work ever!

I have helped many horse like this after all therapies have been exhausted , only to just balance the horse with my pain Point Release method and a simple change of diet, I do commend her for helping him  and I do hope she found a good home too.

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More on Beet Pulp

This is from a client concerned about beet pulp

  I have a 17 year old Grand Prix dressage Mare and live in Charleston SC.  Last summer (2010) my mare was not breathing well, so I put her on 1AC. She did better and made it through the summer fine. This summer, I started her on beet pulp shreds, and she did not need the 1AC.   Her coat blossomed to a dark bay/black, which in our Southern sun is quite lovvely. but her normal rear end movements, and her way of going began to change as the summer progressed. She now starts out sluggish, with tiny steps, and her rounded top line has changed noticably, appearing like a weaker back.  She wants to move more on her forehand.    She is a Hannovereian/TB and your article caught my eye.  One of my very good friends is having similar issues with her percheron/Tb who is only 7 years old.  This mare is being trained for endurance competition  and also steps out gingerly, not wanting to use her back end also. this mare is on a beet pulp based feed.
   If this is a clacium/phosphorous issue, would feeding some alfalfa take care of this problem?  She loves her beet pulp, but if it is harming her, I will take it away.
    The rest of her diet is Triple Crown bagged Safe Forage (timothy and orchard grass hay,) Seminole Feed "Calm and Cool" (Wellness) and timothy -orchard grass square bales, lightly fed to keep them from getting bored. They are now eating bahaia pasture and winter rye but our growing season is ending.. 
This is from equineink discussion board where they tear me apart
I would like to add to this discussion that some points could be valid when considering beet pulp, however due to its proven fiber profile it is worth finding solutions to these. For example, it is a fact that most beet pulp today is GMO, however it is reasonably easy to find alternatives since there still are companies using solely non-GMO beet pulp. Furthermore, if worried about calcium imbalance or quality issues, choose a product that is under strict quality control and also has balanced calcium and phosphorus. They are out there. It is not that hard to work around these. Beet pulp might not be for everyone, however it is beneficial to many horses and far better for them to use than high amounts of starch cereals such as barley and corn for adding calories…

Humm maybe people are waking up?  Now read in the new Equine wellness magazine  article just on beet pulp/

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What the Emotion Code Is

Emotional Baggage: Lighten your Load with The Emotion Code
By Bonnie Thompson
Can you relate to the term “emotional baggage”? Everyone seems to have some and we all recognize that it is not a good thing, but what is it? And how do we get rid of it?
The Emotion Code, an exciting new form of energy work created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, calls this emotional baggage “trapped emotions.” According to Dr. Nelson, emotional energy can become trapped in the body when we are overwhelmed or traumatized, when our defenses are down, or when we are unable to fully process emotions. In addition, blocking or “stuffing” an emotion can cause it to become trapped.
What’s Wrong with Emotional Baggage?
These trapped emotions, until they are brought to conscious awareness and released, interfere with the healthy flow of life force energy in the body. This can affect our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, our relationships, and our ability to fully express our creativity and gifts with the world. Trapped emotions take a toll on our energy levels as energy is diverted to maintain all this baggage.

Another way that trapped emotions can affect us is by forming a heart-wall. A heart-wall is made up of trapped emotional energy that surrounds the heart as a way to protect it. It is created by the subconscious mind when it feels that your heart needs protection from emotional pain or injury.
A heart-wall is an important protective mechanism and can be absolutely necessary to help you survive certain traumas in your life, but it comes at a price. Energetically, the heart is the center of your being, it entrains the rhythms of the body (including the brain), and it is also a source of intuitive knowing. A heart-wall blocks the heart energy and gets in the way of the body having full access to the heart. It also blocks your ability to fully give and receive love.
Dr. Nelson estimates that the average person has collected 300-400 trapped emotions. That’s a lot of emotional baggage! Wouldn’t it be great if we could unload some of this? Thanks to Dr. Nelson, we now have one more way to do this. The Emotion Code allows us to quickly and easily identify and release trapped emotions. In fact, you can learn to do this for yourself.
How Does It Work?
The process is simple. Muscle testing is used to identify a single trapped emotion that the body is ready to release. Once enough information has been obtained about this emotion, such as the age when it became trapped and where it is held in the body, it is released by running a magnet several times along the Governing Meridian (usually down the back).
It looks so simple but the effects can be very profound. Some people feel better almost instantly; some experience the changes more subtly and over time. Many people report feeling “lighter” after an Emotion Code session, as if a weight has been lifted from them.
The Emotion Code can be effective in releasing chronic pain, relationship blocks and anxiety, among many other things. While it would be unwise to claim that trapped emotions cause disease, Dr. Nelson says that he has never treated someone with a disease or condition that did not have any trapped emotions that were contributing to the problem.

Results are difficult to quantify and are usually more subtle, but here are some examples from my own work with clients (names have been changed for their privacy):
Craig had many physical complaints and we decided to follow his body’s wisdom on where to begin releasing trapped emotions. We released a number of trapped emotions, several in the area of his abdomen. He did not notice any significant shifts during the session, but when I saw him again two weeks later, he reported that the liver pain that he had lived with for many years was now gone. Doctors had been unable to identify the source of this problem.
Michelle had been unable to find a positive lasting relationship since her divorce about 13 years ago. She came to me to have her heart-wall cleared. When she came in for her fourth session, she was glowing with the news that she had run into an old boyfriend from high school and they had re-established a romantic relationship. I can’t say if that relationship continued as that was our last session, but it was a delight to see her so obviously in love!
Lynnae was experiencing anxiety related to her job that was becoming debilitating. Every morning she would wake up to negative self-talk that would drive her anxiety to the point that she would become physically ill. We decided to target our Emotion Code work toward any trapped emotions that might be contributing to this negative self-talk. After just a few sessions she felt a significant decrease in the negative voice with a corresponding decrease in her anxiety levels.

The Emotion Code can affect all levels of being. Part of the fun of working with it is that we never quite know what will come up. We simply rely on the wisdom of the subconscious mind and body to lead the way.
But I Don’t Remember Where All My Emotional Baggage Came From!
One of the best features of this technique is that it allows us to bring to conscious awareness many issues from the past about which you have no conscious memory. We access the wisdom of the subconscious mind through a form of muscle testing to get the information we need to release trapped emotions.
Some of our trapped emotions were actually handed down to us at conception from our parents. Most of us carry some ancestral emotional baggage. These inherited emotions can also be released with The Emotion Code. Not only does it release from us but it also releases from all the previous generations who passed this on to us. This can bring profound healing within families.
On several occasions when working with a client on releasing inherited emotions, either the client or myself or both of us have felt the presence of their ancestors as we released trapped emotional energy from several generations. This has been a precious gift to them as they feel the healing of family issues.
Does The Emotion Code Work on Children?
The Emotion Code works well for all ages, especially children. You are probably aware that many of your issues are based on experiences from childhood. What a great gift to help children let go of the emotional baggage they’ve already picked up and freeing them from a lifetime of dealing with it!
My own children have benefited from this work. My oldest son had chronic nasal congestion most of his life (he’s now almost 15). After a few Emotion Code sessions he experienced significant relief. I hadn’t really noticed the shift until one day I realized he was no longer sneezing every morning!

The Emotion Code can also be used on animals, large and small, and many have reported excellent results. My youngest son loves receiving Emotion Code and asked me to work on his pet hamster, Griffin. We released just three trapped emotions from Griffin (that’s all he had). Afterward, we noticed that Griffin no longer ran to hide when we approached his cage. He comes to the front of the cage now and no longer seems as fearful. This made my son very happy and I was pleasantly surprised.
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the process look like?
Basically, we begin by asking your body if you have a trapped emotion. The answer is determined through testing the muscle response of the body. A strong muscle indicates a Yes answer, a weak muscle indicates a No answer.
If the answer is Yes, we use a chart of 60 representative emotions to narrow down and identify the trapped emotion. Once we’ve discovered what the emotion is, we usually need a bit more information about it in order to release it. I typically use muscle testing to determine the age at which this emotion became trapped and the location of the trapped emotion in the body.
Once we have this information the trapped emotion is usually ready to be released. Again, we use muscle testing to ask if we can now release the trapped emotion. If the answer is No, we continue asking questions until we get enough information. If the answer is Yes, we brush a magnet down their back three or more times to release it. Then we check to make sure it has released by muscle testing again.
This process continues until the body indicates that no more trapped emotions can be released at that time.
What does it feel like to have trapped emotions released?
Many people feel a tingling or cool sensation as the emotion is releasing but it is also normal to feel nothing at all. You do not have to feel something for it to work. I didn’t feel anything the first few times I experienced The Emotion Code, but I have since felt significant shifts.
After a session you should be prepared to experience some ups and downs in your mood while your body integrates the changes brought on by releasing trapped emotions. Some people also experience intense dreams. This is normal and will dissipate in a few days. Most people don’t notice big changes right away. These changes are usually more subtle and show up over time.
Does The Emotion Code treat specific diseases or conditions?
No. The Emotion Code is not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease. While there is some anecdotal evidence that releasing trapped emotions can help heal physical symptoms, it is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. It is an excellent way to clear emotional blocks to healing and can, in that sense, be very supportive of the healing process.
What kind of magnets do you use? Do you have to use a special kind?
Dr. Nelson uses and recommends the high-quality Nikken magnets, but he also freely shares that most any magnet will do. He suggests that a simple refrigerator magnet will work fine for The Emotion Code.
How long do you leave the magnets on?
The magnets are not left on the body. The practitioner will rub the magnet along the spine, from the top down and then off the body. The magnet can also be passed down the spine an inch or two off the body—full contact is not necessary.
How long does a session last?
A typical Emotion Code session will last about 30 to 45 minutes. It will depend somewhat on how many trapped emotions your body is able to release at one time. In my experience, we’ve been able to release anywhere from four to fifteen in one session.
Once trapped emotions are released, are they gone forever?
Yes, according to Dr. Nelson. In his over 20 years of working with The Emotion Code, he has never seen a trapped emotion that returned. It is important to understand that trapped emotions are from a specific incident in our past. When we release, for example, Anger, we are only releasing the energy from one point in time when that Anger occurred. There may be many more Anger trapped emotions from other experiences at other times and each of these will likely need to be released individually.
Do you have to remember your past and is it only for this lifetime?
You do not have to remember everything from your past. This is the beauty of this work. We can use the muscle testing to determine enough information to bring the trapped emotion “to the surface” or to your awareness. Once that emotion is identified and we have created some awareness about it, it is a simple matter to release it.
Is there anything a client needs to do in order to prepare for releasing these emotions?
Not specifically, but it is always useful to come to a session with an open mind and I ask my clients to maintain a neutral mindset while I’m muscle testing to support clear answers. I also like to prepare my clients for the possibility that they may experience some uneven moods and intense dreams for a few days after their session as their body integrates the changes.
How do you muscle test a dog?!
You don’t (although I suppose you could try!). Muscle testing for animals, small children and others who cannot be tested is done either through a surrogate or by proxy. In surrogate testing, a person makes contact with the subject being tested by touching them or holding their hand. The practitioner then muscle tests the surrogate. In proxy testing, the practitioner either tests another person on the client’s behalf or tests on themselves for the client.
Can The Emotion Code be used remotely (like distance healing)?
Yes, it is just as effective when done remotely and is done by proxy for the client. Dr. Nelson is very clear, however, that you must always have permission before doing this work for someone else.
Can I do The Emotion Code on myself?
Yes! Once you are able to master the muscle testing process it is very easy to get started using The Emotion Code for yourself and others. Dr. Nelson offers many options on his website,, for learning the Emotion Code.
If you’d like to read more about The Emotion Code, I highly recommend Dr. Nelson’s book, “The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness.” He does an excellent job of explaining difficult energetic concepts in simple, clear terms. The book also provides everything you need to know to get started using The Emotion Code.
About the author:
Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP, EFT-ADV, is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and practices Healing Touch, The Emotion Code and EFT in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is passionate about helping her clients heal on all levels and loves sharing what she has learned to empower others. You can learn more about her work at:

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See the Hoof Scar Tissue Disapear!-Big Sky!

 Two weeks on Big Sky August 3 2011
Sept 17th  Big Difference

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Free Spirit- A message from a slaughtered bound mare. True Story.

 Before I became a Holistic Equine Practitioner, I was always involved with horses, mostly showing training and horse rescues.
 One day I was asked to go to New Holland Auction with a horse rescue I had helped form, now dissolved. This was my first slaughter auction.
As we a group of 4 were driving up to the auction the conversation was lively with what to expect what horse we may bring back. I was filled with excitement and curiosity, but was warned that the killer pen fills quickly and it can be a saddening experience. To me it became a nightmare and scenes of terrible horse neglect by horse owners not the auction house itself.

When we arrived we all looked around, I went to the pen to see how
 many horses were in there, not too many as the auction had just began.
The president of the rescue came over to shows us a small mare that was horribly thin and filled with maggots around her rectum , her head held low with much great sadness, we checked her teeth and found she was quite young. Then we went another rescue person who frequented there a lot and asked if there were funds to have this poor mare destroyed humanely, she agreed the mare should be put down as it would not make the trip to Canada. Then we all tried to get the auction vet to put this poor beloved mare down to no avail, we were seen  as activist , and not respected in their horse world of buying selling and sending horses off to slaughter.
By noon the killer pen was Half full   my heart ached, the horses cries were screaming why are we here? Wat is going on. It took all my might not to let them out and run free, now my stomach ached with pain and sadness.
I told them I was so sorry for their demise and up coming fate. I left the pen and went back the frail mare; we gave her water and fresh hay I could find, not caring who I took it from either. The president of our rescue had saved one good horse but could not take the frail mare as she would need a lot of vet care plus we really did not think she would even make it home. My heart sank into my chest, so I brushed her with my fingers and gave her love, then in an instant she turned to me as if to say I am ready to leave this place. I heard her request and prayed that God would take her life so she could be free in spirit. I gently kissed her goodbye and we left the horrific auction, on the way home no one spoke, all I did was cry.
That night with my intense sadness I fell into a deep sleep, a dream came to me, so real with every feeling in my heart. In the dream was the mare she was flying with wings the exact mare we had seen at the auction, but this time her heart was happy and she was with many horse spirits all seemed to have wings they were flying and dancing and eating lush green grasses, she was happy. The in a instant she flew down to me and nuzzled my nose and said thank you for trying to help me today, I want  to let you know I am free now
Keep doing what you love helping horses, I asked what is your name?
 The mare with bright eyes said Free Spirit and off she went, I could feel her in my heart and I awoke in a bath of tears steaming down my eyes, not for sorrow but for joy that she was finally free and to let others 
know the horse becomes free once gone from their bodies and they are happy.

Please think before you breed, please find another means of finding a good home for a unwanted horse you may not afford, consider the possibility of
 humanely destroying it , it would  be  better than a long horrible trip to Canada don’t you think? Horses have spirits and hearts of Gold they give without any asking for anything in return.
                               Lorrie Bracaloni

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DVD'S For Sale Discounted! Learn for 1/2 the cost!

Cleaning out my  Holistic Practice Closet Have now for sale my knowledge.

All Dvds/Cds are $10.00 +Free Shipping!

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Thank you , Have a great week!

Horse with scar tissue on Hoof

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Keeping a horse healthy using natural remedies

As a holistic equine practitioner I have found that helping horses are easy, the hardest part is the horse owner not trusting my advice, usually because it seems unconventional

I have come across some amazing horse owners that will go to great lengths to help their horse, then others that have witness total health and recovery with my natural protocols then dismiss them at a moments notice when given advice from some other horse person or equine lay person.
Their horses are healthy then they switch up to a new product, or their horse takes a bad step and they listen to this person that person etc.

This can be very frustrating; when first and foremost as a holistic practitioner motto is first do no harm.

I have clients that are on my natural program that board their horses, when it comes time for fecal checks their horse never have any egg counts not even worm infestation, but the other horses at the barn do. Instead of the boarding barn manager looking at the no wormy healthy horse, they tend to criticize the healthy horse owner, telling them they have to use a chemical wormer.

To me this is total brain washing in the horse industry. It is every horse owner’s right to care for their horse any way they please. I am about teaching knowledge to help the horse be healthy using natural methods. Whether it be herbs, minerals or many times even though they love their blacksmith most of the time lameness challenges are the blacksmith, seen this over and over. It took me 2 years to find the right one my horses where they were always lame till I did found one. Persistence pays off when it comes to a sound horse

I have extensive experience and knowledge to help all horse owners, but I can only help the horse if the owner would just listen and not get side tracked by what others tell them, I always say just give me 3 months. Plus I stay with the horse owner during this time of recovery in case a protocol needs to be change up.

I had one lady who had a very arthritic pony that had foundered, she asked me to come see the pony. I refused stating this is a internal job and since your pony is so old the only advice I can give you is just to feed the natural minerals form Big Sky and hay pellets from Standlee, see what happens. Well three months later I saw her at a clinic I was giving and she grabbed me hugged me and was thrilled to tell me her pony was a running a bucking and a kicking. She stated that she has never seen him run like that in 3 years, that he was happy and most important sound.
 I have many of theses stories that I can share, given the horse time to heal and reestablish the natural mineral content and patience plus staying the course will result in a much healthier sound horse.

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Rhino Protocol 

Rhino Protocol
First feed a natural diet
I feed Standlee Hay pellets and Big Sky  minerals from

To protect you can start giving Echinacea herbs

The best place is

Give as directed Works 100%

Transfer factor helps too

Super tonic from daily 2 oz oer feeding

Keep the gut moving with apple cider vinegar 2 oz in feed

Can mix 2 oz of oregano oil best place to get is from Young Living essential oils  Rebecca  she is a rep

You also buy here

Put 2 oz of olive oil mixed with 3 drops of oregano oil put in mouth 1x a day if there is a outbreak in your area

Put mixture of oregano oil on back of ears and heel bulbs daily till outbreak is over.

See your horse as Healthy and Protected give Thanks


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Trauma Rescue Remedy-Equine Homeopathic

For horse's with injuries such as tendon, muscle , accidents use this as soon as you can .

This remedy will promote healing right away.


Arnica 30c
Rus tox
Rhuta Grav
Place  12 pills each in small vial or 1 oz container with distilled water.

Shake then wait about 10 mins , put one cap full like 1 teaspoon into horses mouth.

Do every hour on the hour up to 4 times
Then 2x a day for 3 days till pain is reduced

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What your aura colors mean

Aura Colors Meaning RED: lifeforce, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change
ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality
YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling
GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance
BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities
PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, female energies, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition
BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, male energies, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less

BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self

PINK: self-love, tenderness, female energies, gay energies, emphasis on physical appearances, being 'nice' at expense of being 'real'
WHITE (CLOUDY): New Age or religious energy, lacking consciousness, a cover-up, denial, being 'good' at expense of being 'whole'

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Another Testimonial on Pain Points

Hi Lorrie,
I want to thank you for this info.  I have been searching for a method that would help find the outs and for me to help them. I have been using your info to help horses that I trim.  When they aren't able to stand still for me I look to see what the causes are.  One thing I am having trouble with is the back ribs.  I have successfully done the ribs on several horses but have a few horses that I can't get them comfortable.  I am referring to the top of the back.  I have some that after I have tried to lift up and in the appropriate direction that they still are sensitive when testing.  Are there times like the first rib that it may take some time doing it for it to all go back into place? 
I have been telling my clients about your video.  Many are excited to know that there is something out there that they can do for their horses that will not cause any problems. 

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly Hall, PBHT III
For all your hoof lameness needs.

Teeth and Lymes good info!

Hi Lorrie,
I hope that all is well with you.
Last June you told me that Marley not only need his feet done but that he needed his teeth checked too.  Well, I am sorry that I didn't listen to you!  My horses had just had their teeth checked (my vet Laura Reick had provided dental care for them) and their feet had been done.  Well, my new farrier that I got in October has made a huge difference for all three horses but most especially for Marley.  She also told me that I should have Marley's teeth checked.  Then Linda Gray told me to have Marley's teeth checked.  Hummmmm....So, I ask my farrier who she would recommend as an equine dentist.  Yesterday, Paul Drake came and assessed and floated all three.  He was wonderful with all three but Marley just ADORED him!  Marley had huge hooks that limited his jaw movement to the point of causing tension in his head and neck that transmitted on down his back.  Paul showed me the hooks and explained how hooks like that developed over YEARS NOT MONTHS and they restrict movement and can make a horse lame!  Hummmmm...that has been Marley's story since 2004.  Since Marley had Lymes in 2004, everything was just explained as the effects of damage caused by Lymes!!!!!
So, now I need to look for a new equine vet....Dr. Reick has not been as good as I had thought...Do you know anyone who practices in the Westminster area that you can recommend?
Overall Marley is a whole lot better.  I have been doing body work and exercises with him every day and our relationship has improved dramatically.
I am looking forward to going to Caroline's Roundpen Apprenticeship April 1st-3rd.  We have also started our own round pen construction.  I hope to improve my partnership with Marley and to establish a real partnership with Rolo that will allow me to ride him too.  No doubt I will need your help with Rolo's body work as we progress.
Thank you agin for your help!

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Capture your life in memories , that you will love forever.


Get your session in now with Susan , she is amazing with detail and natural beauty- Memories with your loved pets, horses or family are her specailties!

You will not regret having a session with her fun spontaneous and exciting photos  very unique.

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Lavender: An Oil for All Purposes= repost

2. Lavender: An Oil for All Purposes
~^~ by Greg Hitter, PhD

It might be a good time to stock up on lavender oil. Gary Young reported in his December conference call that half the French lavender harvest is dead, and it likely will take eight years to come back. Gary noted that the Growers Association reported that the price of lavender was up 30% already in 2010. And it will get much more expensive over the next few years as demand increases and the supply becomes more unavailable.

Of course we expect lavindin and linalool to be used even more to "cut"lavender now. The market will be further glutted with so-called "lavender" that doesn't have the expected effect--thus giving a bad name to oils -- even more than lavender oil has already been corrupted and slandered!.

It's a shame that this has occurred. Apparently 5 years of drought combined with a year of record rain in France led to conditions for a "mutating virus" to devastate the French lavender fields of Provence.


Fortunately Gary Young had the foresight to grow lavender in Utah on the YL Farm. So we have a supply for a few years. But with demand increasing, the price will climb considerably within Young Living.

Lavender is a "universal oil" that can be used for restoring balance to nearly every type of body-mind condition. The phrase "when in doubt use lavender" is a truism often acted upon in the YL oils community.

From my background as a psychotherapist and a psychologist, I have found lavender to be particularly useful in affecting the limbic system--the area of the brain where traumatic emotion is stored, and from which the rest of the body-mind is modulated.

The limbic system's traumatic store of negative experience is central to the "cell memory" and "dis-ease" programmed into all the other body-mind systems (hormonal, cardiovascular, immune, digestive, hepatic, muscular-skeletal, etc.). Lavender is a great tool in our natural arsenal to counter traumatic cell memory and its negative effects on the body and mind.

For example, I've found lavender more useful than the Peace & Calming oil blend (or other typically-recommended essential oils or blends) for alleviating muscle cramps when inhaled through the nose (rather than applied on the site of the spasm muscle). Inhaling lavender this way (through the nose) goes directly to the limbic system, where modulating effects on muscle (tension) occurs. Try it yourself the next time you're awakened by leg cramps and can't sleep, or after a chill, tiredness, or over activity leads to cramping!

In general, I've found lavender especially good for restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system and its two subsystems, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which often go askew under trauma, usually resulting in serious mind-body problems.

Lavender's ability to reduce inflammation is also well known & researched, which speaks to its universal ability to influence all body-mind systems, much like the other great anti-inflammatory, frankincense, which has long been used in Europe for decreasing inflammation in cancer cases and other diseases. Dr. Suhail, MD, our frankincense distiller from Oman, spoke about the anti-inflammatory effects of frankincense at the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City this last Fall. Like lavender, I consider frankincense to be a universal oil, able to bring balance to most any unbalance. So lavender, like frankincense, is a potent anti-inflammatory.

Lavender is often also very effective for anxiety, depression, and emotional imbalance, being found in many of the blends targeting the brain, emotion, and the psyche. YL blends containing lavender include: Brain Power, Awaken, Dragon Time, Egyptian Gold, Envision, Estro Tincture, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Highest Potential, Motivation, M-Grain, R.C., SARA, Surrender, Trauma Life).

Because of its "universal" nature, positively effecting all systems of the body-mind, lavender is a great stress buster! It's effects on restoring immune function (because of its stress-busting ability) are usually under-
appreciated. We've become so overwhelmed and conditioned by stress in our lives that we are largely unconscious of stress and its bad effects. And so stress, in all its dimensions, largely goes unrecognized.

To" wake up and smell the lavender" is to take a big step toward well being! What a great way to start your day, every day!

The destruction of the French lavender market is indeed a serious blow to all of us who now may have to do without, pay more, or purchase poor-quality, ineffectual, and thus "false" lavender oil. It's a good time to stock up on "old reliable," Young Living lavender, before the price increases.

Editor's Note: Greg Hitter, PhD, is a Silver Young Living distributor and a clinical psychologist who has used essential oils in his practice for many years. He is author of the book, "Butterflies in a Bottle," available from www.YL He has gives personal growth seminars and can be contacted in the following ways: (805) 781-0309,, or

Bruce Lipton - 2011 Tapping World Summit

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beet pulp evidence on stifle issues

Name with held-Lorrie -Needless to say my girl has a stifle issue getting weaker extreme turning/twisting inward with some lag in the back.

She has had chiropractic and some accupressure/accupuncture in the past but it seems to recurr after short riding periods. I use essential oils with her also. I have found a vet that
is in my area that does all this as well as oriental medicine and is a osteopath so am considering having her come and work on her.
Lorrie talking May I ask her diet and is there any Beet Pulp in her feed or diet? 

Her response

Hi Lorrie
She is on grass hay via round bale and Purenia Sr. 1x daily with B & L 2scoops
Special blend of fiber sources including beet pulp
plus the few treats of carrots and apples. I give her Bran mush once a week
so if there is beet pulp it would have to be in the grain.
This last flare up happen a week ago with the farrier as she would not let her near that hoof
she ran some rakei on her and next day was worse. 

 As stated by a know vet

Lon Leiws DVM-Feeding and Nutrition care of the Horse 1982 states quoted :
Excess amounts of oxalates ( form of salt) may be present in these plants-halogeteon, greasewood, BEETS, dock , rhubarb-(Beets =product beet pulp) - If the horse consistently eats theses plants over a LONG extendend period of time, calcium deficiency will result. Insoulble oxalate crystals will deposit in the kidneys resulting in kidney damage - Could be the reason for the water molecules trying to flush the kidneys?

OK so here is another example of a horse that cannot tolerate beet pulp, will see if the owner will take her horse off the beet pulp. Stay tuned will see if her stifles clear up

Dana Ullman: Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, Takes Homeopathy Seriously

Dana Ullman: Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, Takes Homeopathy Seriously

Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakdown Super Concentrate For Horses Manure

Breakdown Super Concentrate For Horses
Manure piles treated with Breakdown this fall and winter will be alive and healthy ready for the garden in the spring.

Breaks down manure piles naturally. Kills flies as they hatch.

Do you know that the chemical wormer you use may not kill all the worms, but kills all the beneficial Bacteria that allow natural decomposition in the manure pile? Because chemicals kill some worms and all bacteria in the animals gut and the manure pile. So stop using drugs and use natural, safe and effective WormGuard Plus wormer.

Breakdown works hand in hand with WormGuard Plus Super Concentrate to eliminate worms and parasites in your animals and birds but keeps the host bacteria (flora) alive in the gut working with nature, so manure breaks down naturally.

With a light dusting of BreakDown while cleaning stalls and pens you will eliminate worms and hatching worm larvae in manure, but continue to produce a healthy bacteria by adding to the manure pile minerals essential to break down the manure much faster, such as calcium,phosphorous,sulphur, magnesium and iron and other trace elements.

Breakdown is a much needed product for fecal matter control, for a natural, healthy, near odor free environment for you and your animals or poultry.


Any manure contaminated with chemicals (man made) can NOT be used on a garden because the chemicals end up in the vegetables and the chemicals also kill all beneficial earth worms and bacteria in the soil. THAT IS A FACT..

If you are already among the hundreds of animal lovers using my safe,natural WormGuard Plus to deworm your livestock, poultry and pets, then you already know how well my Holistic Horse products work.

BreakDown comes in a 1 pound bulk package that goes a long way for only $12.78. Manure piles treated with Breakdown this fall and winter will be alive and healthy ready for the garden in the spring.

Buy two orders now and only pay half the shipping on the second order. That's a big savings overall.