Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Testimonial on Pain Points

Hi Lorrie,
I want to thank you for this info.  I have been searching for a method that would help find the outs and for me to help them. I have been using your info to help horses that I trim.  When they aren't able to stand still for me I look to see what the causes are.  One thing I am having trouble with is the back ribs.  I have successfully done the ribs on several horses but have a few horses that I can't get them comfortable.  I am referring to the top of the back.  I have some that after I have tried to lift up and in the appropriate direction that they still are sensitive when testing.  Are there times like the first rib that it may take some time doing it for it to all go back into place? 
I have been telling my clients about your video.  Many are excited to know that there is something out there that they can do for their horses that will not cause any problems. 

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly Hall, PBHT III
For all your hoof lameness needs.

Teeth and Lymes good info!

Hi Lorrie,
I hope that all is well with you.
Last June you told me that Marley not only need his feet done but that he needed his teeth checked too.  Well, I am sorry that I didn't listen to you!  My horses had just had their teeth checked (my vet Laura Reick had provided dental care for them) and their feet had been done.  Well, my new farrier that I got in October has made a huge difference for all three horses but most especially for Marley.  She also told me that I should have Marley's teeth checked.  Then Linda Gray told me to have Marley's teeth checked.  Hummmmm....So, I ask my farrier who she would recommend as an equine dentist.  Yesterday, Paul Drake came and assessed and floated all three.  He was wonderful with all three but Marley just ADORED him!  Marley had huge hooks that limited his jaw movement to the point of causing tension in his head and neck that transmitted on down his back.  Paul showed me the hooks and explained how hooks like that developed over YEARS NOT MONTHS and they restrict movement and can make a horse lame!  Hummmmm...that has been Marley's story since 2004.  Since Marley had Lymes in 2004, everything was just explained as the effects of damage caused by Lymes!!!!!
So, now I need to look for a new equine vet....Dr. Reick has not been as good as I had thought...Do you know anyone who practices in the Westminster area that you can recommend?
Overall Marley is a whole lot better.  I have been doing body work and exercises with him every day and our relationship has improved dramatically.
I am looking forward to going to Caroline's Roundpen Apprenticeship April 1st-3rd.  We have also started our own round pen construction.  I hope to improve my partnership with Marley and to establish a real partnership with Rolo that will allow me to ride him too.  No doubt I will need your help with Rolo's body work as we progress.
Thank you agin for your help!

Monday, March 7, 2011

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