Thursday, May 26, 2011 Horse ID: 1686715 - Suni Saddle bred mare gaited trail Horse ID: 1686715 - Suni Saddle bred mare gaited trail

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rhino Protocol 

Rhino Protocol
First feed a natural diet
I feed Standlee Hay pellets and Big Sky  minerals from

To protect you can start giving Echinacea herbs

The best place is

Give as directed Works 100%

Transfer factor helps too

Super tonic from daily 2 oz oer feeding

Keep the gut moving with apple cider vinegar 2 oz in feed

Can mix 2 oz of oregano oil best place to get is from Young Living essential oils  Rebecca  she is a rep

You also buy here

Put 2 oz of olive oil mixed with 3 drops of oregano oil put in mouth 1x a day if there is a outbreak in your area

Put mixture of oregano oil on back of ears and heel bulbs daily till outbreak is over.

See your horse as Healthy and Protected give Thanks


Monday, May 16, 2011

Trauma Rescue Remedy-Equine Homeopathic

For horse's with injuries such as tendon, muscle , accidents use this as soon as you can .

This remedy will promote healing right away.


Arnica 30c
Rus tox
Rhuta Grav
Place  12 pills each in small vial or 1 oz container with distilled water.

Shake then wait about 10 mins , put one cap full like 1 teaspoon into horses mouth.

Do every hour on the hour up to 4 times
Then 2x a day for 3 days till pain is reduced