Friday, July 6, 2012

A Book Review Must see

Reviewed by

Carol M. Upton
I have written this workbook

to help you help your horse

and to share with you my

knowledge and insight. You now

have the resources to help your

horse using natural remedies,

while waiting for your vet to arrive

in the event of a poor health

or traumatic injury situation. —

Lorrie Bracaloni, C.H.P.

As we humans embrace more

natural wellness for ourselves,

Lorrie Bracaloni. is doing the

same for horses with her new

book Natural Equine Remedies.

This practical manual will help

all owners prevent and treat

health issues, saving time and

money in horse care. It will be of

particular interest to those living

in more isolated rural areas, far

from the nearest veterinarian.

You will learn how to administer

basic aid and keep your horse

comfortable until the vet comes.

Bracaloni is clear that she is

not a licensed veterinarian and

that this workbook is a result of

her own experience healing over

100 horses using natural therapies.

In addition to preventive

practices using herbs, diet and

minerals, Bracaloni covers treatment

for 17 common equine

ailments, including abscesses,

bruised heels, eye issues, colds

and flu, parasites and West Nile.

The last part of the book

is devoted to detailed explanations

of homeopathic

medicines, along with a quick

reference chart. There is also a

complete section on herbals and

other natural products, their

various uses, and testimonials

from happy users.

Natural Equine Remedies is an

important adjunct to veterinary

care that may create more successful

outcomes for your sick or

injured horse. You’ll definitely

want it as an addition to your

barn reference books.

Available at http://www.naturalequineremedies.

com/ Soft

Cover, 2011, $28.00

ISBN: 9-781-468-004601

Also available as a Kindle edition

Lorrie Bracaloni, C.H.P. has been

practicing natural remedies for over

12 years. She has helped hundreds of

horses regain their natural vitality

and health. Lorrie offers workshops

and clinics around the country and

has published several articles and

books. Visit Lorrie at

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