Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Mentors for Equine Health & Yours

I Lorrie Bracaloni became a Certified Equine Holistic Practitioner  after my horse died of colic at the age of 3.What I discovered from theses great teachers was a amazing  journey into great health and I would like to share with you.
In the following order are the very Best teachers and equine health practitioners the  horse world will ever discover.
These following practitioners are rare and few and horses are in need of more, I am listing their web sites so that you can experience their amazing gifts for you and your horses-pets-If they are in your area. Their knowledge is priceless- The Master teacher of all below- He gives classes and works on people/horses My teacher and mentor wealth of knowledge for all. A student of both teacher above and a great educator . Classes too. Gives classes and a Dr. Regan student.

As you can see there are very few  real horse health equine practitioners. . More are needed.

The reason theses Equine Holistic Practitioners are so great , they assist the horse and you in whole body modalities, meaning Energy-Nutrition-Bodywork- the techniques are used on the whole horse not just one method, but they look at the whole picture to achieve optimum health.

So if you are located near one of them and even me  , I also give classes and workshops. Please for the health of your horse , contact them above , your horse and you will benefit.

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