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Equine WormGuard The best natural wormer on market!

What is "Holistic Health Care"?
 Holistic Health Care examines the impact that disposition and environment have on your animals overall health.

 It differs from conventional care because it doesn't just treat the symptoms of parasite infestation.
Holistic Health Care methods (treating the whole animal) are grounded in proven natural principles and practices, many of which have been around for centuries.

 By focusing on your animal as a whole, made up of both overall health and body we take into account every aspect of the animal's health: quality of diet which in many cases is very poor due to processed feed, general health care, and our environment.

Omni-Horse Wormer-With Immune Boost and Probiotics is holistic in nature dealing with the whole animal not just health destructive parasites.
Our many regular clients using our Omni wormer have suggested using Omni-WormGuard Plus in conjuction with WormGuard Plus Super Concentrate as it is not necessary to feed our Omni Plus more than 3 times a week to keep the immune system strong.
The really great thing about Omni-Horse Wormer-WormGuard Plus With Immune Boost and Probiotics is it's an all natural wormer but contains no toxic wormwood.
 Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus does it all and better with no fear of a possible deadly overdose or maybe adverse side effects and there is no immunity for worms and parasites because Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus eliminates parasites mechanically not chemically.

The wormer in all WormGuard products is a concentrated form of FDA approved Food Grade Perma-Guard (Fosil Shell Flour) Diatomaceous Earth which consist of tiny phytoplanktons mainly composed of amorphous hydrated silicates, of less than 1 %.
 When parasites come in contact with the tiny particles,there exoskeleton is pierced and the waxy fats and lipids leak from the cuticle of the insect resulting in fluid loss, dehydration and death and this is done naturally without chemicals..
 The Chinese have used Diatomaceous Earth to rid animals of intestinal parasites for more than 4000 years. Each order of Omni-Horse Wormer-is 2 pounds - approximately 10 cups - One 2 pound order will last for 20 days . To treat a 1000 pound horse use (1/2) cup daily 3 times a week to keep your horse worm free with a beautiful thick shinny coat with more energy and a much stronger immune system and digestive system

Omni-Horse Wormer- WormGuard Plus With Immune Boost and Probiotics click here to order from our website

Definition of Omni : In all ways, in all places, of all things. As all, both in the Source and its Creations. IMMUNE BOOST Guarantee Per Ounce:
  1. Vitamin A -40,000 IU.
  2. Vitamin D3 -10,000 IU
  3. Vitamin E -5,000 IU
  4. Vitamin C -3,000 mg
  5. DMG -1,500 mg,
  6. Echinacea Root -1,000 mg
  7. Magnesium -500 mg
  8. L-Arginine -500 mg
  9. Choline - 375 mg
  10. Zinc - 350 mg
  11. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  12. Vitamin B1 - 300 mg each
  13. Lysine/Niacin/Quercitin/Superoxide Dismutase - 250 mg each
  14. Grape Seed Extract/Manganese - 200 mg each,
  15. d-Pantothenic Acid - 150 mg
  16. Vitamin B2 - 100 mg
  17. Vitamin B6 - 50 mg
  18. Vitamin K - 10 mg
  19. Beta Carotene - 5 mg
  20. Iodine/Selenium - 2 mg each
  21. Vitamin B12 - 1 mg
Immune Boost is formulated to strengthen the horses immune system, while also boosting the immune response to toxins and pathogens in the body or used in times of increased risk of illness. 
Strongly recommended to maintain a healthy immune system during periods of stress. People, I think in general, we need to be more concerned about the potential for parasite drug resistance in our animals since indiscriminate use of anthelmintics (these are drugs to treat internal parasites ) can lead to even greater "parasite problems". And I think we all know this.  
Omni-WormGuard Plus for horses is the most effective concept in an all natural de wormer with guaranteed health protection for your equine friend.

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