Sunday, June 3, 2012

Testimonial on a client who made her horse sound!

 So this client was having trouble with her horse being off, after she used my remedy to rid her horse of ring-bone ,he became off.
She had bought my book How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points she watched the DVD 
read the workbook and here is her results!

ok so I finally worked on her tonight. I did goof with a couple things  cause I didn't take the book out with me. her left side of atlas was hard and her eyes were ever so slightly misaligned. had to use lavender on atlas to get it to release. her front ribs felt fine to me, well at least I think they were! her back had reaction on left side more than right. I lifted her belly a couple times and that seemed to help. but I screwed up with the flinching along her back in front of her hips. I didn't put my finger on her girth area to test. she is very tender there, so I kept lifting her back up and it seemed to make her a little more comfortable. So need to recheck properly tomorrow. I did trot her in a circle on a lead rope and she seemed a whole lot better. I plan to trail ride her tomorrow. appreciate any feedback from you.

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