Saturday, January 28, 2012

Results From My New Book! Natural Equine Remedies

Hi Lorrie!

Things seem to be improving. He is getting 2 cups of the hay pellets soaked, now with 2 oz sky big, 2 oz calcium bentonite clay and 1/2 oz of hi-trax formula. This is reduced from the 4 oz of clay with 4 oz of big sky, as you prescribed. His withers are not as sore now, but the back at the base of the withers is still quite sore.

I tried the mineral acupressure points that Dr Golob describes in his DVD. Calcium, manganese, copper and internal parasites produced a positive test. After 2 weeks on the big sky minerals he shows no response to the calcium, manganese or internal parasite points, and only a slight response to the copper point. Major improvements!

His liver point still is sensitive, though it seems it is less positive than a month ago.

I tried the ulcer acupressure point that you describe in your book, which had a strong positive result 2 weeks ago. Now it is much less, but still slightly positive. 

I've been doing daily exercises with him that Dr. Golob recommends: the butt tuck, filling the hunter's bump, the wither lift and the neck telescope. It seems that the divot where the base of the neck meets the shoulder is much more supple now than 3 weeks ago. There are still 2 noticeable, hard knots in his neck on either side, though they are not as solid as they were 3 weeks ago. 

His movement has certainly improved. While he still tracks up a little short initially in the trot, he is much more limber starting out than before. It also takes much less time to warm up into a fluid, properly tracking trot with snorts. The canter seems to have improved also, especially to the right. He still will pick up the incorrect lead occasionally, and only cross fires to the left. It seems having a saddle on exacerbates the issue, but I need to test this theory more. 

Thanks so much for any guidance!



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