Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why are Pain Point so Important?

Horse owners can learn how to identify pain issues the horse may have before it becomes a:
1) Training issue
2) Behavioral issue
3) Lameness issue
4) Farrier issue
5) Expensive vet bill
Lorrie Bracaloni of ( will be walking you through How to Identify the Pain Points -these issues and how best to address them before they become big vet bills or training issues.
Free evaluations so bring a horse or just come and watch how other horses are evaluated and how it can change how the horse behaves under saddle.
Private sessions for Lorrie to work on your horse can be scheduled ahead of time by calling
Lorrie Bracaloni 301-730-0261
Once the issues are addressed then Lorrie can walk you through what it would take to keep the horse balanced and sound.
Why a clinic would be different from other body workers promoting chiropractic or massage or acupressure or acupuncture or other equine modalities. Come find out about Pain Point Release and how past head trauma's such as pulling back when tied or rolling in a stall and hitting their head can affect the whole body.
Most body workers specifically work on horses bodies without explaining the whys and how’s and end results of issues in the body, that can also stem from something else. So the owners leave and see results but never understand how their horse got to such a bad state-how to prevent it from happening again and how they can get involved in the healing process to keep the wellness and balance in their horse till it is high 20’s to mid 30’s. You need to treat the whole body-head to tail and withers to hoof all at the same time.

Most other body workers do not discus the balance of the head-eyes-TMJ joints and how that affects sinus infections-loss of peripheral vision (spooky or head shy horses)-horses teeth needing to be floated more often-and the sacrum being out of balance and the stifles and hocks having reoccurring issues because the bones in the head have shifted from a blunt trauma-horses needing Pain Point Release work will have a lot of mysterious body issues.

People who have bought my DVD-who took my Pain Point classes have said I put it all together better in a mental picture that is easier to understand. Other professionals will say atlas-axis is out-I tell people that with this issue the horse is unable to bend and flex at the poll and will seem argumentative and bracey on the bit-and flexing at the poll would be bone on bone and painful to the horse as the bones are not the rider asking the horse to bend at that area-not knowing the horse just cannot do it-c forward and locking the hind end-so the only thing left the horse has to use is the hocks to try and pick up the front end-voila-hock issues.
The more people are getting involved with preventative maintenance on the horse’s body.
Vets-Trainers-farriers-most do not know why all these things are happening in the horses body-but they are the only ''professionals'' average horse owners have access to to ask questions.
My goal is to change all that.
How to Identify and Release Your Horses Pain Points shows you step by step.

To host a clinic please contact Lorrie Bracaloni 301-730-0261

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