Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Muscle Testing on Horse Works!

Before : note swollen belly no hind end muscle atrophied, vet did tons of diagnostic test ,
 decided horse had tumor in gut .Horse was off feed and hay just would not eat.

 I Lorrie Bracaloni was called out as a last ditched effort to help this horse.

I told the owner not to expect anything, give one months time then humanely put down.

So we muscle tested the horse, asked what it needed to become well. She did not want to die, this is what she said.
The Emotion Code Release, of Dr Bradley Nelson, castor oil daily 20 cc in mouth , apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper, High Trac for the gut, Castor oil smeared on belly with frankincense oil daily.
Free choice Big Sky Minerals .

I commend the horse owner who does not want to be identified but gave me rights to share her horses journey. The horse owner had diligently gave her horse what she needed daily without missing a beat, sometimes not easy to treat your own animals for a long length of time, she loves  this horse.

Below is about 6 weeks later the horse has changed over full of energy and eating all her hay , hay pellets , happy runs freely and on her way back to full recovery, we are still doing the whole protocol till the tumor hopefully dislodges , she still says its there but smaller.
I am amazed as I really thought she would have to be put down , truly a miracle-Even though she still looks skinny you can see her butt has filled in , her gut is not swollen, she is digesting much more soon when the grass comes up she will fill in. More pictures to come.


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