Monday, May 20, 2013

Testimonial on Big Sky minerals and my Pain Point Release book

 I have a horse and he's been tested for ulcers and it was negative for front and hind gut..this test was manure sample.

He keeps biting on the sides...when I ride him he's now bucking.  Pressure from the saddle is hurting his back.. I have tried liver herbs...switching hay to Timothy and he's still biting.  Could you please call me.. I have talked to the best vets around in AZ...vets that treat NFR horses and nothing. I don't know what to do and now I can barely ride him...he bucks. Also this horse is 8 and broke...he should not buck at all.  He has an appetite and will eat all day. I have wormed him too...and it's not that.     . Should I try benonite clay? Stomach soother?

Just 2 weeks later NOT a Month 2 WEEKS

 Just on Big Sky and High Trac


He was completely different last neighbor is helping me because he has been so bouncy/bucking and I don't want to get hurt.    He didn't buck at all last night.. He has been on the herbs and hi trac..I have pulled on his tail...belly lifts and the neck...tonight we are doing the wither one where you lift the leg.   I will let you know.  Love your video...makes so much sense   Thanks..   Also he is still reaching around to flanks but not as much. The last few days he hasn't done it but 2x's.

Results are in the pudding , I love helping people with their horses plus hearing the results.

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