Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Better Than A Talking Horse Press Release

Better Than A Talking Horse
How Muscle Testing can relieve your horse of pain and suffering
“If my horse could just talk, then I’d know how to help him!” Maybe… but there’s an even better way to find out exactly what your horse needs says certified, holistic practitioner Lorrie Bracaloni. 
Using her simple method of muscle testing, it’s possible to quickly determine not only an area of the horse’s body that needs attention, but exactly what remedy will work best to restore optimum health to that area. With a quick adjustment here or there, blockages which were preventing proper flow of energy are removed and visible relief is noticeable in the animal’s posture and gait.
Horses that otherwise might be put down have bounced back to vibrant health on her regimen of high quality food and minerals. Horse owners are amazed at the transformation of their horse’s health after just a few weeks, and some say it’s nothing short of a miracle.
“Occasionally you'll come across a horse in pain that just seems unexplainable. Caring owners have come to me feeling frustrated that their horse is still ‘off,’ after trying every traditional and holistic health option they could think of.
There is always a reason that a horse is sore. Mainly it has to do with how his muscles support his skeletal system. Muscles contract and release. When muscles tighten and cannot achieve a full release, they will remain tense and will shorten over time. This puts strain on the surrounding areas.
Because tightening and spasms are an extension of the normal contraction process, these types of problems do not show up on x-rays or standard testing procedures. The horse's problem can be a muscle misalignment.
Every move the horse makes produces stress upon a specific point. All muscles pull, so all skeletal motion is performed in this manner, too. Tight muscles can lead to spasms, knots, muscle misalignment and blocked energy. When this happens you can start to see:

·                                 Choppy strides 
·                                 Loss of impulsion
·                                 Jump refusals 
·                                 Back soreness and hollowing 
·                                 Resistance to lateral flexion and bending
·                                 Girthing problems
·                                 Biting and other "bad behaviors"
·                                 The horse being off and on "for no reason"
·                                 Improper tracking forward, back, or laterally

Covering up minor problems most often ends up creating major ones.
Lorrie shares the information she’s gained in over 10 years of experience successfully healing horses on her website and offers books and DVD’s to anyone interested in learning her techniques. Don’t let your horse suffer one more minute. Visit http://www.happynaturalhorse.com/ now!
Contact information:
Lorrie Bracaloni
Animal B.E.S.T. Morter Institute
Healer Academy, Arkansas
Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
Find your lameness here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z30KSIYePbE

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