Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DVD & workbook testimonial

I was at your seminar at the Equine Expo in VA last weekend. I read your book and watched the DVD that night. I have used the technique on both my horses with amazing results. The chiropractor had been for a visit a few days before and I had seen her use the same points. She did a few stretches in addition to the releases but I now know what she was doing. I've been able to use your instruction to maintain my horses adjustments and now both are moving better than they have in years. My lame horse had been locked up in the first rib for so long. After the release his stride almost doubled and he started landing heel first again. I now have some hope that with ongoing management he might have a chance of becoming sound again. Thanks so much for unlocking the "secret" that so many equine practitioners are not willing to divulge.
With many thanks,
Christy Rew

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